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Spin-state Equilibrium in Lanthanum Cobaltate: Effect of Magnetic & Non-magnetic Near-neighbour ImpuritiesMadhusudan, W. H.; Vasanthacharya, N. Y.; Ganguly, P.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1037-1041
Flourite-related Ln2MO2O7 Oxides in the Ln2O3-MoO2 SystemManthiram, A.; Gopalakrishnan, J.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1042-1045
X-Ray Photoelectron Spectra of Cupric Oxide & Cuprous OxideSarma, D. D.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1046-1049
Structural, Electrical & Infrared Studies on Oxide Spinels Containing Zinc, Iron, Manganese & ChromiumJain, P. S.; Darshane, V. S.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1050-1053
Reduced Form of Equation for Low Temperature Thermal Conductivity of SolidsJha, K. M.; Jha, S. P.; Jha, S. N.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1054-1057
Kinetics of Thermal Decomposition of Gamma-irradiated Barium PerchlorateBohidar, N.; Mohanty, S. R.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1058-1061
Electroosmosis of Methanol-Water Mixtures Across Pyrex G4 Membrane: Excess Phenomenological CoefficientsSingh, Kehar; Shabd, Ram; Kumar, Raj; Pande, M. M.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1062-1064
Conductance Studies on the Interaction of Maltose with Alkali Metal Halides in Water & FormamideVishnu; Mishra, Vidya SagarIJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1065-1069
Contributions to Phosphorus Chemistry: Part I - Dehydrohalogenation of Phosphonium Halides & Halophosphoranes as a Route for the Synthesis of Phosphazene Analogues, Cyclophosphamethenes & Linear PhosphamethenesPrakash, HariIJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1070-1073
Homogeneous Hydrogen Transfer from Alcohols to Cyclohexanone Catalyzed by Transition Metal ComplexesPillai, S. Muthukumaru; Vancheesan, S.; Rajaram, J.; Kuriacose, J. C.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1074-1078
Kinetics of Decomposition of Sulphito Adduct of Hexacyano-ferrate(III) in WaterJain, Dharam V. S.; Chopra, (Miss) Renu; Nandel, Fateh S.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1079-1081
Vibrational Spectra & Intramolecular Force Constants of S-Methyl-N,N-dimethyldithiocarbamate : Study of Characteristic Tertiary Thioamide BandsDevi, K. R. Gayathri; Sathyanarayana, D.N.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1082-1085
Ring Size Effect on Cu(II) Complexes of Cyclic TetraaminesBhattacharya, P. K.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1086-1088
Reactions of Nitrosyl Halides & Nitrite with Ruthenium Chloride Hexahydrate, Chloroplatinic Acid & Palladium(II) Chloride in Presence of Triphenylphosphine, Triphenylarsine & TriphenylstibineJain, K. C.; Pandey, K. K.; Parashad, R.; Singh, T.; Agarwala, U. C.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1089-1091
Preparation & Characterization of Dithiocarbamato Complexes of Tri-p-tolyltin(IV)Sharma, C. P.; Kumar, N.; Khandpal, M. C.; Chandra, S.; Bride, V. G.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1092-1094
Organosilicon(IV) Derivatives of Hydroxamic Acids & N-ArylamidoximesNarula, C. K.; Gupta, V. D.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1095-1098
Addition Compounds of Dithiophosphate & Dithiophosphinates of Cobalt(II)Mukherjee, R. N.; Gogoi, P. K.; Raghunand, R.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1099-1101
Proton Donor Acceptor Equilibria in Solution: Part I-Interactions of Violuric Acid with Amine BasesGhosh, R.; Singh, B. R.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1102-1105
Enhanced Stability of Ternary Complexes of Copper(II) Containing Glycine & Imidazole, Histalnine or -HistidineNair, M. Sivasankaran; Santappa, M.; Natarajan, P.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1106-1110
Oxygen-18 Isotope Fractionation during Precipitation of Alkaline Earth Metal CarbonatesPandey, G. C.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1111-1112
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 34