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Electrophilic Addition of Chloramine & Dimethylchloramine to Sulphur Dioxide & Oxidative Coupling of Sulphamide by ChloraminePrakash, Hari; Sisler, Harry H.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]935-937
Synthesis of Some Amino-, Ethyleneglycolato- & N,N'-Dimethylethylenediamino- cyclophosphazenesPrakash, HariIJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]938-941
Excess Volumes & Isentropic Compressibilities of Binary & Ternary MixturesReddy, K. Subramanyam; Naidu, P. R.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]942-944
Gamma Radiolysis of Binary Aqueous Systems: Bromate, Periodate, Permanganate & Dichromate IonsPatnaik, S. K.; Arnikar, H. J.; Sarkhawas, M. R.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]945-947
Studies in Electrical Double Layer: Part I-Temperature Dependence of Adsorption at Mercury/Solution Interface of Resorcinol from Sodium Sulphate SolutionJoshi, K. M.; Shah, A. R.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]948-952
Galvanostatic & Temperature Kinetic Studies of Acid Corrosion of Low Carbon Steel in Sulphuric Acid in Presence of DicyandiamideMaitra, Amarnath; Singh, GurmeetIJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]953-955
Polarographic Investigations on ɑ, β-Llnsaturated Ketones 1-(4'-Fluorophenyl)-3-phenyl-2-propenonesKatiyar, Sarvagya S.; Lalithambika, M.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]956-960
Polarographic Reduction of Sulphophthalein Dyes & Studies on Their Co(II), Ni(II) , Cu(II) & Zn(II) ComplexesSarswat, J. P.; Sharma, C. L.; Bembi, R.; Sharma, AnitaIJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]961-963
Homogeneous Reduction of Nitrobenzene & p-Chloronitrobenzene in Presence of Dichlorobis-(phenylcyano)palladium(II) as CatalystBanerjee, Tapan K.; Saha, Chitta R.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]964-966
Rejection of Scale Forming Ions from Reverse Osmosis†: Part I-Behaviour of Binary Cation & Influence of Scale Precipitating AnionsKhedr, M.G.A.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]967-970
Rejection of Scale Forming Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Reverse Osmosis : Part II - Behaviour of Complex Ion MixturesKhedr, M.G.A.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]971-973
Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of Tellurium(IV) by Chloramine-T in Hydrochloric Acid MediumDikshitulu, L. S. A.; Rao, V. Hanumantha; Vani, P.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]974-976
Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of Glycine with Aquomanganese(III) Ion in Perchlorate MediumVaradarajan, Rajagopala; Joseph, MaryIJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]977-979
Kinetics Anilines & Mechanism of Oxidation of by TI(III)-A Change from Ionic Presence of Ru(III) Substituted Pathway in Aniline & to RadicalRadhakrishnamurthi, P. S.; Pati, S. N.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]980-983
Kinetics of Catalysed & Uncatalysed Oxidation of Aniline & Substituted Anilines by Sodium Iodate at Constant Ionic StrengthRao, M. D. Prasada; Padmanabha, J.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]984-986
Ion Complexes in Molten Mixtures of AgI & SrI2: Electromotive Force, Differential Thermal Analysis & X-ray Diffraction MeasurementsDamle, Hari G.; Katii, Sushilendra S.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]987-990
Complexing Behaviour of N-Ethoxycarbonylpyrrole-2-thiocarboxamide with Pd(II), Pt(II) , Pt(IV), Rh(I), Rh(III), Ru(II), Ru(III) & Au(III)Singh, T.; Agarwala, U.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]991-993
Mixed Thiocyanate Complexes of Nickel(II) & M(I); M(I) = Cu(I) or TI(I)Singh, P. P.; Khan, S. A.; Verma, R. C.; Yadav, D. D. S.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]994-997
Extraction of Zinc by a Binary Mixture of Di-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric Acid & Tri-n-octylphosphine Oxide or Tributyl PhosphatePushparaja; Sudersanan, M.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]998-1002
Determination of Equilibrium Constant of Intimate & Solvent-separated Ion-pair EquilibriaSahai, R.; Singh, V.IJC-A Vol.19A(10) [October 1980]1003-1004
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 38