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Title: Azadi Controller Influentially Succeeds in the Eminent Plant Automations
Authors: Azadi, Sassan
Keywords: Azadi;ZN;CHR;CC;Modulus Optimum;Symmetrical Optimum;Smith Predictor
Issue Date: Oct-2019
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: This paper is devoted to present Azadi controller, which is based on a positive feedback surrounded with two negative feedbacks. This controller performs influential over the classical optimum PID controllers. Classical PID controllers have been extensively applied to the linear or nonlinear systems for many years. There are many approaches to tune these PID controllers. Among those, are Zigler-Nicols (ZN), Chien-Hrones-Reswick (CHR), Cohen–Coon (CC), and some optimum controllers such as Modulus Optimum (MO), Symmetrical Optimum (SO). However, when the plant has larger delays, Smith predictor (SP) becomes a good candidate to overcome the plant oscillations. Azadi controller actually is an adaptive controller which performs much better than those optimum classical controllers from many control features such as rise time, overshoots, settling time, or steady state errors. The simulation results confirm the ability of Azadi controller to suppress the plant oscillations. Besides, the simplicity of Azadi controller with just three parameters with its good performances suggests Azadi controller to be a good candidate for any linear, nonlinear, or time varying plants.
Page(s): 667-670
ISSN: 0975-1084 (Online); 0022-4456 (Print)
Appears in Collections:JSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]

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