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From the Prospective of Ergonomics: Estimating Overall Stressors and Task Demands in the Construction Sites in Saudi Arabia Using an Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)Basahel, A MJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]651-658
Development of ANN Based Improved Model of Amplitude Response in Suppression State of Axonal MemoryPanda, SJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]659-663
Does R&D Intensity and Innovative Activities drive Indian Pharmaceutical Exports?Banerji, A; Suri, F KJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]664-666
Azadi Controller Influentially Succeeds in the Eminent Plant AutomationsAzadi, SassanJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]667-670
A New Receiver for a Digital Passband System with CPSK Modulation: The STTS-CPSK ReceiverAhuja, A K; Chakka, RJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]671-677
Comparative Analysis of HGAST Technique with GA and ST for Loss minimization and Voltage Improvement Constraint in Distributed Generation (DG) SystemBakshi, SJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]678-680
Use of Arthrospira platensis as a Feed Additive to Improve Growth Performance, Feed Utilization, Body Composition, and Immune Response of Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticusAbdel-Warith, A-A A; Elsayed, E AJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]681-686
Frontier Orbital and Conformational Analysis of a Nematic Liquid Crystal: 4-n-heptyloxy-4ยด-cyanobiphenylTiwari, G; Sharma, D; Tiwari, SN; Singh, N BJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]687-689
Content-Split Block Search Algorithm Based High Efficiency Video CodingAnitha, P; Reddy, P S; Prasad, M N GJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]690-693
Thermal and Fluid Flow Analysis of Miller Teeth Shaped Ribbed Solar Air Heater- A CFD ApproachBezbaruah, P J; Das, R S; Sarkar, B KJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]694-698
Intranasal Mice Model to Study the role of Bordetella pertussis antigens in ImmunityKumar, A; Jadhav, S S; Gairola, S; Deobagkar, D DJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]699-702
Preparation, Characterization and Encapsulation Efficiency of Egg Albumin Nanoparticles Using EDC as CrosslinkerPrajapati, A; Srivastava, AJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]703-705
Performance of frame with Viscoelastic Dampers as an Alternative to Coupled Shear WallKamatchi, P; Deepiya, R; Kumar, K SJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]706-710
Quasi Switched Capacitor based integrated Boost Series Parallel Fly-back Converter for energy Storage ApplicationsKumar, S L V Sravan; Reddy, N R Sankara; Kumar, M VijayJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]711-715
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 14 of 14