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First record of Trachicephalus uranoscopus (Bloch and Schneider, 1801) from Chilika lagoon, Odisha coast of IndiaKarna, Subodha K.; Manna, R. K.; Panda, D.; Mukherjee, M.; Suresh, V. R.; Raut, A.; Mukhopadhyay, M. K.IJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1335-1337
First record of valid species of torpedo electric ray, Torpedo polleni (Bleeker, 1865) (Torpediniformes: Torpedinidae) from Indian watersRavali, V.; Deepti, V.A. Iswarya; Jha, Sneha; Sujatha, K.IJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1338-1343
New report of Melithaea delicata Hickson, 1905 (subclass: octocorallia) from Little Andaman Island, IndiaKumar, J. S. Yogesh; Geetha, S.; Raghunathan, C.; Sornaraj, R.IJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1344-1350
Photo-identification of Dugongs in Marsa Alam and Wadi El Gemal National Park, EgyptShawky, Ahmed M.; Sallam, Wafaa S.; Alwany, Magdy A.; Mohammad, Deyaaedin A.; Mohamed, Saad Z.IJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1351-1358
Vibrio alginolytigus causing shell disease in the mud crab Scylla serrata (Forskal 1775)Gunasekaran, T.; Gopalakrishnan, A.; Deivasigamani, B.; Muhilvannan, S.; Kathirkaman, P.IJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1359-1363
Carapace colour morphs of the blue swimmer crab Portunus pelagicus population in Mandapam (Palk Bay and Gulf of Mannar) regionAnbarasu, Mahalingam; Nazar, Abdul Khudus Abdul; Sakthivel, Mohammed; Tamilmani, Govindan; Jayasingh, MuthuIJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1364-1369
Validation of chlorophyll-a and sea surface temperature concentration and their relationship with the parameters—diffuse attenuation coefficient and photosynthetically active radiation using MODIS data: A case study of Gujarat coastal regionYadav, Vinod K.; Jahageerdar, Shrinivas; Adinarayana, J.IJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1370-1376
Biofouling and comparative phylogeographic status of the turtle barnacle Chelonibia testudinaria on various hosts of the Coromandel coast, IndiaAnbarasu, Mahalingam; Jeena, Nikarthil Sidhick; Nazar, Abdul Khudus Abdul; Tamilmani, Govindan; Sakthivel, Mohammed; Thomas, TintoIJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1377-1382
Diurnal variation of phytoplankton community in the coastal waters of South Andaman Island with special emphasis on bloom forming speciesPadhan, Safet; Karthik, R.; Padmavati, G.IJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1383-1397
Nutritional composition of liver (Digestive gland) from thondi squid (Sepioteuthis lessoniana)Moovendhan, Meivelu; Shanmugam, Annian; Shanmugam, VairamaniIJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1398-1403
Thermostable pectinase mediated enhanced antimicrobial activity of Emblica Officinalis: A novel applicationSarsar, Mayuri S.; Pathak, Anupama P.IJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1404-1410
Biosurfactant production from shrimp shell waste by Pseudomonas stutzeriKadam, Deepa; Savant, DevayaniIJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1411-1418
Role of hydrographical parameters and total organic carbon on mercury allocation along the riverine transect of Beypore, south-west coast of IndiaMathew, Jose; Anoop, P.P.; Joy, Anu; Gopinath, AnuIJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1419-1426
Operational use of machine learning models for sea-level modelingRoshni, Thendiyath; Samui, Pijush; Drisya, JIJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1427-1434
Geo-spatial distribution and faunal diversity in the trawling grounds off Mumbai coast, Maharashtra, IndiaBhendekar, S. N.; Chellappan, Anulekshmi; Sonavane, A.E.; Mohanty, Prakash; Singh, Ram; Shenoy, LathaIJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1435-1442
Investigation and prediction of urban-sprawl and land-use changes for Chennai city using geo-spatial technologiesThanikachalam, Muniappan; Nimalan, KandasamiIJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1443-1451
Reconstruction of Caspian Sea level changes using magnetic susceptibility during the last millenniumBagheri, Hossein; Gharaie, Mohamad Hossein Mahmudy; Harami, Reza Moussavi; Khanehbad, MohammadIJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1452-1459
Meandering river sandstone architecture characterization based on seisimic sedimentology in Kumkol South oilfieldsHongwei, Liang; Xiaoqing, Zhao; Peng, ZhouIJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1460-1471
Distance between plugs in multi-stage plug discharge tunnelAi, Wanzheng; Ding, TianmingIJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1472-1475
Effective depth of regular wave on submerged submarineMoonesun, Mohammad; Ghasemzadeh, Firouz; Korneliuk, Olga; Korol, Yuri; Valeri, Nikrasov; Yastreba, Alexi; Ursalov, AlexanderIJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1476-1484
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21