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Title: Technique for adsorption of toxic gases on metal and salt impregnated cellulose strips
Authors: Singh, Man
Yadav, Suman
Ahmad, Sharif
Keywords: Scanning electron micrograph;X-ray fluorescence;Weight gain;Microstructure
Issue Date: Mar-2005
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: B 81 B 7/02
Abstract: Adsorption of CO, NO2, SO2, CO2 gases individually and CO with NO2 on surfaces of transitional metals and their sulfate, chloride and oxide salts of 100 have been studied. The chemical substances were impregnated on the resin + ethyl cellulose blend coated cellulose strips of 8x3 cm2 made of Whatman filter paper 42. The metals and salts (adsorbents) have been impregnated separately on cellulose strip. The dried melamine methylurea formaldehyde polymer resin was blended with ethyl cellulose powder (1:0.05) for higher porosity. The vacant forces of adsorbent develop interaction with gases, as they happen to be the polar and form coordination bond. Thereby weight gain was observed and confirmation was made with IR, SEM and XRF techniques.
Page(s): 205-225
ISSN: 0975-1084 (Online); 0022-4456 (Print)
Appears in Collections:JSIR Vol.64(03) [March 2005]

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