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Formation Constants & Thermodynamic Parameters of Fe(II) Chelates with Picolinic Acid, Picolinic Acid N-Oxide & 4-Substituted Picolinic Acid N-OxidesReddy, M. Sudhaker; Reddy, M. G. RamIJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]631-633
Electrical Conduction Mechanism through Anodic Aluminium Oxide FilmsNigam, R. K.; Saini, R. C.; Kapoor, R.; Katyal, S. C.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]541-543
Thermodynamic Studies on Melting of Some ɑ-& β-Halogen Derivatives of NapthaleneKhanna, M. S.; Khetarpal, S. C.; Lal, Krishan; Bhatnagar, Hari L.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]544-546
Complex Formation in Molten Salts: Association Constants of Cadmium-Iodo Complexes in Molten Potassium Nitrate-Barium Nitrate EutecticGupta, R. K.; Gaur, H. C.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]547-550
Contact Angle & Oriented Adsorption of Aliphatic Amines & Aldehydes on Silica Gel & Silica AerogelNayar, B. C.; Rao, K. SubbaIJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]551-555
Formation of Copper Selenides in the Solid State & Their Phase TransformationsSharma, I. B.; Gupta, R. K.; Bassi, P. S.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]556-559
Mesomorphic Heterocyclic Homologous Series: Cholesteryl Esters of 7-n-Alkoxycoumarin-3-carboxylic Acids & Ethyl Esters of 7- (p-n-Alkoxybenzoyloxy) coumarin-3-carboxylic AcidsThaker, N. N.; Trivedi, K. N.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]560-563
Homogeneous Hydrogenation of Cyclohexene Catalyzed by Ruthenium(II) ComplexesKhan, M. M. Taqui; Mohiuddin, Rafeeq; Vancheesan, S.; Swamy, B.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]564-566
Application of Equations of Electromagnetism to Chemical Relaxation Problem: Calculation of Rate Constants of Fast ReactionsRamos, Mozart N.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]567-569
Glycol Oxidation at Platinized-Platinum ElectrodesSidheswaran, P.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]570-574
Kinetics of Oxidation of Semicarbazones by Ce(IV) In Carbonate MediumRao, M. Anand; Sethuram, B.; Rao, T. NavaneethIJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]575-578
Kinetics of Irreversible Electrode Reactions of o-, m- & p-Nitrophenols at Dropping Mercury Electrode in Presence of Ionic & Non-ionic SurfactantsChandra, Kailash; Singh, MukhtarIJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]579-583
Acid Dissociation Constants of Some 2-Hydroxy-5-methyl-4-Substituted-azobenzenes & Formation Constants of Their Chelates with Iron(III), Cobalt(II), Nickel(II) & Copper(II)Masoud, Mamdouh S.; Osman, M. M.; Salem, T. M.; Khalil, E. A.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]584-587
Extraction of Lanthanides as Mixed Ligand Complexes: A Study of Complex Formation &- Distribution EquilibriaMurthy, M.V. Krishna; Satyanarayana, D.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]588-591
Rotational Constants, Vibrational Constants & Binding Enerzies of Some Hydrides by Born-Mayer Interaction Potential ModelPandey, R. P.; Pandey, J. D.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]592-593
Tautomerism of Some 5-Arylazo-2-thiohydantoin Derivatives as a Criterion of Their AcidityFahmy, H. M.; Aziz, M. A. Abdel; Aboutabl, M.; Azzem, M. AbdelIJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]593-595
Solubilization of Anthracene in Ionic Micelles in the Presence of n-Alkanols & SaltsSingh, H. N.; Birdi, K. S.; Dalsager, S. U.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]595-598
Cation Exchange Distribution Studies of Ca(II), Mg(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) & Fe(III) Ions in Organic Solvent-Hel MediaHassan, E. A.; Ei-Magd, A. S. Abo; Kamal, F. R.; El-Hady, M. F.; Ismail, N. M.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]598-599
Ternary Exchanges in Mixed Solvent Systems: Ni-Na-H, Cu-Na-H & Ni-Cu-H Exchanges on Dowex 50 WX8 in Acetone- Waetr MixturesGupta, A. R.; Athavale, S. N.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]599-602
Ion-pair Formation Studies : Part VII-Conductometric Study of Trichloroacetic Acid in Methanol-Water MixturesRaju, U. G. Krishna; Sethuram, B.; Rao, T. NavaneethIJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]602-604
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 40