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Extraction of Lanthanides as Mixed Ligand Complexes: A Study of Complex Formation &- Distribution EquilibriaMurthy, M.V. Krishna; Satyanarayana, D.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]588-591
Effect of Undercooling on Precipitation Potentials of Sodium Chloride, Bromide & IodideGirdhar, H. L.; Gohil, (Mrs) K.; Matta, R. P.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]604-606
Solubilization of Anthracene in Ionic Micelles in the Presence of n-Alkanols & SaltsSingh, H. N.; Birdi, K. S.; Dalsager, S. U.IJC-A Vol.20A(06) [June 1981]595-598
Ionization of Some Inorganic Halides in Chlorosulphuric Acid Solvent System-Redox Reactions of Phosphorus, Arsenic & Antimony Halides in Chlorosulphuric AcidSiddiqi, Z. A.; Aslam, Mohammad; Ansari, N. A.; Shakir, M.; Zaidi, S. A. A.IJC-A Vol.20A(08) [August 1981]773-776
Enthalpies of Mixing of Cyclohexane with Binary Mixtures of Benzene with Toluene, p-Xylene & Carbon TetrachlorideSharma, Subhash C.; Lakhanpal, Madan L.; Rumpaul, Madan L.IJC-A Vol.20A(08) [August 1981]770-772
Kinetics of Substitution of Aqua Ligands from Hexaaquochromium(III) Ion by Picolinic Acid in Water-Ethanol MediumBhattacharya, (Miss) Malika; De, G. S.IJC-A Vol.20A(08) [August 1981]780-783
Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of Telluruim(IV) by Cerium(IV) in Nitric & Sulphuric Acid MediaDikshitulu, L. S. A.; Rao, V. Hanumantha; Dindi, S. N.IJC-A Vol.20A(08) [August 1981]784-787
Reaction of Cellulose with 2-Bromopropionic Acid & Kinetics of Pyrolysis of Bromopropionylated CelluloseKapoor, Parminder; Gur, I. S.; Bhatnagar, Hari L.IJC-A Vol.20A(08) [August 1981]764-766
Viscosities of Potassium Halides in Water-Pyridine & Watery-γ-Picoline MixturesDey, Nibaran C.; Saikia, Birendra K.IJC-A Vol.20A(08) [August 1981]767-769
Chain Transfer of Glycols in Polymerization of Methyl MethacrylateNandi, U. S.; Kumar, G. Sudesh; Bhaduri, C.IJC-A Vol.20A(08) [August 1981]759-763