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Applicability of Hammett Equation to Insulated Systems - Kinetics of Alkaline Hydrolysis of ortho-Substituted Methyl PhenoxyacetatesGurumurthy, R.; Balakrishnan, N.IJC-A Vol.20A(11) [November 1981]1114-1115
Sulphur Dioxide Insertion Reactions in Triphenylantimony(V) Bis-chelatesSonsale, A. Y.; Chatterjee, A. K.; Gopinathan, (Mrs) Sarada; Gopinathan, C.IJC-A Vol.20A(11) [November 1981]1121-1122
Effect of Precipitation Conditions upon Physicochemical Properties of Iron Oxide CatalystSengupta, G.; Mandal, N. K.; Kudu, M. L.; Sen, S. P.IJC-A Vol.20A(11) [November 1981]1112-1114
Interaction of Nitrosyl Chloride, Bromide, Nitrite & of Nitrosyl Tribromide with Ruthenium ComplexesJain, K. C.; Pandey, K. K.; Agarwala, U. C.IJC-A Vol.20A(11) [November 1981]1124-1126
Diethylenetriamine & Triethylenetetramine Adducts of Dithiophosphate & Dithiophosphinate of Nickel(II)Mukherjee, R. N.; Gogoi, P. K.IJC-A Vol.20A(11) [November 1981]1126-1127
Reactions of Tin-Naphthyl Bond with Halogens & PseudohalogensBhattacharya, S. N.; Husain, IshratIJC-A Vol.20A(11) [November 1981]1119-1121
Kinetics & Mechanism of Reaction of Thiourea Nitrite in a Highly Ionic MediumPare, J. R. JocelynIJC-A Vol.20A(11) [November 1981]1116-1119
Substituted Mixed Halonickelates(II)Jha, N. K.; Prasad, R. S.; Kumari, AmritaIJC-A Vol.20A(11) [November 1981]1122-1124
Kinetic & Spectral Evidence for a Novel Chloride Ion Effect & of Complex Formation in Cbloramine-T Salicylic Acid System in Aqueous Sulpburic AcidVivekandan, S.; Venkatarao, K.; Santappa, M.; Shanmuganath, S PIJC-A Vol.20A(01) [January 1981]86-87
Colorimetric Study of Oxidation Kinetics of Thiomalic Acid (2-Mercaptosuccinic Acid) by Hexacyanoferrate(III) in Aqueous Hydrochloric AcidKapoor, R. C.; Potter, P. C.; Kachhwaha, O. P.; Sinha, B. P.IJC-A Vol.20A(01) [January 1981]89-90