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Effect of 2-mercaptoethanoic acid treatment of fluted pumpkin waste (Telfairia occidentalis Hook. f.) on the sorption of Ni2+ ions from aqueous solutionJnr, M Horsfall; Spiff, A IJSIR Vol.64(08) [August 2005]613-620
Adsorption of polyphenol oxidases on Celite 545 directly from ammonium sulphate fractionated proteins of brinjal (Solanum melongena)Khan, Amjad Ali; Akhtar, Suhail; Husain, QayyumJSIR Vol.64(08) [August 2005]621-626
Prediction of mine water quality by physical parametersKhandelwal, Manoj; Singh, T NJSIR Vol.64(08) [August 2005]564-570
Convective effects in air layers bound by cellular honeycomb arraysKumar, Pawan; Kaushika, N DJSIR Vol.64(08) [August 2005]602-612
New analytical technique for the simultaneous determination of aromatic amines in environmental samplesJanghel, E K; Rai, J K; Rai, M K; Gupta, V KJSIR Vol.64(08) [August 2005]594-597
Extractive spectrophotometric determination of nickel (II) using 4-methyl 2,3-pentanedione dioxime (H2MPDDO)Garole, Dipak J; Sawant, A DJSIR Vol.64(08) [August 2005]581-584
Synthesis, anti-fungal, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory activities of some new 5-(N-substitutedarylidenehydrazono)-2-(4-chloroaryl)-3-oxo-1,2,4-thiadiazolidinesManna, Paresh; Narang, and K KJSIR Vol.64(08) [August 2005]585-593
Air pollution dispersion studies through environmental wind tunnel (EWT) investigations: A reviewSharma, N; Chaudhry, K K; Rao, C V ChalapatiJSIR Vol.64(08) [August 2005]549-559
An overview of funding pattern of Extramural Research projects of CSIRRani, Kanta; Khilnani, SushilaJSIR Vol.64(08) [August 2005]560-563
An experimental investigation on performance characteristics and natural frequency analysis of high-speed carbon – epoxy shaft in aerostatic conical journal bearingsIngle, R B; Ahuja, B BJSIR Vol.64(08) [August 2005]571-580