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Studies on Photocatalytic Microcells : Photocatalytic Decomposition of GlucoseViswanath, R. P.; Viswanathan, B.; Jeyanthi, V.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]447-448
Micellar Effects on Decay Kinetics of SemithionineGuha, S. N.; Moorthy, P. N.; Rao, K. N.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]448-450
Oxidation-Reduction of Nitroxyl Radicals: Cyclic Voltammetric Response in Aqueous MediaThomas, George; Mohanty, J. G.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]451-455
Reaction of Cobalt(II), Nickel(II) & Copper(II) Sulphates in Sodium Nitrate-Potassium Nitrate Eutectic MeltRastogi, R. P.; Singh, N. B.; Pandey, S. P.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]456-459
Thermodynamic Properties of Partially Miscible Systems: Part IV-Binary Systems of Furfural with n-Hexane & n-HeptaneLakhanpal, M. L.; Mandal, H. G.; Ahuja, S. C.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]460-463
Phase Transitions in Adsorbates: Part IX-Behaviour of Water Cyclohexane Adsorbed on Alumina & of Carbon Tetrachloride & Adsorbed on Titanium DioxideLakhanpal, M. L.; Joshi, I. M.; Kalsh, S. C.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]464-467
Periodic Change in Concentration of Peroxide During Photocatalytic Oxidation of Aliphatic Alcohols in CyclohexaneYesodharan, (Mrs) Suguna; Ramakrishnan, V.; Kuriacose, J. C.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]468-471
Uptake of Fe(II)/Ni(II)-Phenanthroline Complexes by Molecular SievesSamanta, S. K.; Ramanathan, P. S.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]472-476
Kinetics of Substitution of Aquo Ligands from cis-Diaquo- bis-(ethylenediamine)cobalt(III) Ion by Picolinic Acid in Water-Ethanol MixtureDutta, (Miss) Kalpana; De, G. S.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]477-479
Kinetics & Mechanism of Acid-catalysed Tris(I-amidino-O-alkylurea)cobalt(III) Dissociation of ComplexesChakravarty, Biswanath; Modak, Sudipta; Nandi, BipradasIJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]480-482
Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of Some Aliphatic Esters by Chromic Acid in the Presence & Absence of Oxalic Acid in Acetic Acid-Water MediumReddy, P. Musala; Jagannadham, V.; Sethuram, B.; Rao, T. NavaneethIJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]483-486
Application of Kendall's Treatment on Ru(III) Catalysed Periodate Oxidation of p-Nitrophenol, 2,4-Dinitrophenol & 2,4,6- TrinitrophenolRadhakrishnamurti, P. S.; Rao, B. V. DamodarIJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]487-489
Iron(III) Complexes of Diacetyl Monoxime Thiosemicarbazone(nee Kalloo) Raina, R.; Srivastava, T. S.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]490-492
Potentiometric & Infrared Studies on 2' – Hydroxybenzophenone Oxime, Its Derivatives & Their Metal ChelatesUnny, V. K. P.; Vartak, D. G.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]493-497
Solvent Extraction of Indium with Aliquat 336S from Malonate SolutionRao, R. Raghunadha; Khopkar, S. M.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]498-500
Preparation & Characterisation of Poly(4,4' – benzo-phenone Sulphide)Mukherjee, Debasis; Pramanik, PanchananIJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]501-502
ESR Studies on Oxovanadium(IV) Complexes of Salicylaldoxime & o-Vanillin oximeRani, Indra; Pandeya, K. B.; Singh, R. P.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]502-504
Effect of Hydration on Annealing of Chemical Radiation Damage in Cadmium NitrateNair, S. M. K.; James, C.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]504-506
Crystallographic Study of the System La2Cu1-xNixO4Ramanujachary, K. V.; Swamy, C. S.IJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]506-507
Transport of Metal Ions Through Thallium Dichromate Membrane : Conductance Data & Absolute Reaction Rate TheoryBeg, Mohammad Nasim; Ahmad, Khursheed; Arshad, Mohammad; Khan, Shahid AliIJC-A Vol.21A(05) [May 1982]507-509
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 44