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Dielectric Behaviour of Binary Mixtures of Toluene with Chlorobenzene, n-Hexanol & Benzyl AlcoholSingh, R. Pratap; Sinha, C. P.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]96-100
Phase Transition in Adsorbates: Part VIII-Anomalous Phase Transition Behaviour of Adsorbed Dioxane & BenzeneLakhanpal, M. L.; Joshi, I. M.; Goel, (Miss) Sneh; Kalsh, S. C.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]101-104
Studies in Mixed Adsorbent Systems: Adsorption of Water Vapours on CarbogelsBansal, R. C.; Dhami, T. L.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]105-110
Nature of Enzyme-Matrix Binding in Trypsin Immobilized on Molecular Sieve Type 4AGhosh, Bijan K.; Mukherjea, Ram N.; Bhattacharya, PinakiIJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]111-113
Solid State Reaction between Mercury(I) Dicarboxylates & Halogens: Part I-Reaction between Mercury(I) Oxalate & IodineDubey, B. L.; Das, I.; NitaIJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]118-120
Kinetics of Os(VIII) Catalysed Chromic Acid Oxidation of Maleic, Fumaric, Acrylic & Cinnamic AcidsRadhakrishnamurti, P. S.; Panda, B. K.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]128-131
Kinetics of Reaction of Methylene Iodide with Alkoxide Ion in Binary Solvent MixturesPanigrahi, G. P.; Sinha, T. K.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]136-140
Studies on Hydrazones, Semicarbazones & Thiosemicarbazones as Ligands : Part I - Some Divalent Metal Complexes of Benzil Phenyl HydrazoneMisra, R. C.; Mohapatra, B. K.; Panda, D.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]188-190
Dipole Moment of Carbon Monoxide : Comparison of Ab-initio Calculations with Different Basis SetsAmore-Bonapasta, AldoIJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]91-95
Polarographic Behaviour of Some 5-(2'-Benzothiazolylhydrazono)-1,3-dimethylbarbituric AcidsMalik, Wahid U.; Goyal, R. N.; Dua, P. N.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]114-117
Kinetics & Alcohols Mechanism of Free Radical Oxidation of Secondary by Carbon Tetrachloride on a Zinc Oxide SurfaceSudhakar, CH.; Rao, V. R. S.; Kuriacose, J. C.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]121-124
Kinetics of Acid Hydrolysis of Resacetophenone Isoniazid Hydrazone in Presence & Absence of Molybdenum(VI) in DimethylformamideSubha, (Mrs) M. C. S.; Rao, S. BrahmajiIJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]125-127
Kinetics & Mechanism of Ru(III) Catalysed Oxidation of Benzylamine & Substituted Benzylamines by Acid BromateRadhakrishnamurti, P. S.; Sarangi, L. D.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]132-135
Cycloaddition Reactions of Phenylmetallic Azides with Unsaturated SubstratesBhattacharya, S. N.; Saxena, A. K.; Raj, PremIJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]141-143
Kinetics of Cobalt Oxidation in Solvent Extraction By 2,4-Dimethylpyridine & 2,4,6- TrimethylpyridineRane, Arvind T.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]144-146
Reversed Phase Extraction Chromatography of Molybdenum(VI) with Tributvl Phosphate on Silica GelBhosale, S. N.; Khopkar, S. M.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]147-149
TLC Separation of Hexacyanoferrate(II) & Hexacyanoferrate(III)Ravindhranath, K.; Janardhan, P. B.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]150-152
A Photometric Method for the Determination of Molybdenum with 2-Thiopyrogallol in Isoamyl AlcoholBag, S. P.; Chakrabarti, A. K.; Goswami, J. P.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]153-154
Polystyrene-supported Ruthenium & Osmium Cluster Carbonyls : Synthesis & Application in Water Gas Shift ReactionBhaduri, Sumit; Khwaja, Hanif; Sharma, Krishna R.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]155-156
Chemisorption of Nitrous Oxide on Transition Metal Surfaces-Bond Energy Bond Order Model CalculationVetrivel, R.; Gopalakrishnan, R.; Viswanathan, B.IJC-A Vol.21A(02) [February 1982]157-158
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 54