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Title: Science Communication for Mathematics
Authors: Mishra, Kumar Gandharv
Keywords: Science communication;Mathematics communication;Image of Mathematics;Mathematics in Media;Popularisation of mathematics
Issue Date: Jan-2019
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Mathematics plays an integral role in scientific developments but unlike other domains such as physical and biological sciences, the role of mathematics often appears implicitly. It is important that such aspects become part of science communication. On the other hand, Mathematics is quite infamous for its ‘phobia’ and it is also known as the ‘killer’ subject. Such perceptions still exist in society.
    Since newspapers are a powerful medium of mass communication in society, it is crucial that aspects of mathematics or news related to mathematics are presented in a rightful manner. The responsibilities lie with professionals like reporters, content writers or journalists working with newspapers. Their understanding about mathematics plays an important role in the manner in which such news is communicated to the public. Thus, mathematics needs an important space in science communication – firstly to dispel the false notions and perceptions about mathematics in society and secondly to popularise aspects of mathematics in a lucid manner so that the public understands the role of mathematics and appreciates it.
    In the paper, the author argues why responsible science communication is important for mathematics. It discusses some examples of portrayal of mathematics in print media, especially in the context of Indian newspapers.
Page(s): 69-75
ISSN: 2278-2796 (Online); 2278-2788 (Print)
Appears in Collections:JST Vol.07(1-2) [January-June 2019]

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