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Activation of Carbon Monoxide on Nickel & Copper ClustersSwaminathan, Latha; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]99-103
Mechanism of Oxidation of Azide by Periodate in Acid MediumVivekanandam, T S; Ramachandran, M SIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]104-106
Micro-heterogeneous Character of Apparently Homogeneous Water-Dioxane Solutions: A Study of Dissociation of Some Weak Acids in Water-Dioxane MixturesPethe, L D; Hirve, V GIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]107-110
Reductive Nitrosylation of Tetraoxometallates : Part IV†-Generation of {Re (NO)}6  Moiety: A Novel & Virtually Single Step Synthesis of Isomeric Rhenium Nitrosyl Complexes & Their 2,2'-Bipyridyl & I,IO-Phenanthroline Derivatives, Directly from Perrhenate Anion in Aqueous & Aerobic MediaBhattacharyya, R G; Roy, Partha SIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]111-116
Synthesis & Characterization of Terpolymers of Salicylic Acid & Thiourea with TrioxanePatel, M M; Manavalan, RIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]117-119
Synthesis & Some Reactions of Triaryl-phosphorus,-arsenic & -antimony DiamidesRaj, Prem; Ranjan, AshokIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]120-123
Copper, Dioxouranium(VI) & Lanthanide Chelates of Carboxymethylthiosuccinic AcidArbad, B R; Shelke, D N; Jahagirdar, D V JahagirdarIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]124-127
Synthesis & Reactivity of Triphenyltin Trifluoroacetate & Its Molecular AdductsSrivastava, T N; Singh, JaideoIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]128-130
Transition Metal Ion Chelates of Some Substituted Salicylic Acids Part II-A Thermodynamic StudyDhat, C R; Jahagirdar, D VIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]131-133
Preparation & Properties of A New Polystyrene-based Chelating Resin Containing the o-Hydroxyaldoxime Group : Part I-Separation of Manganese(II), lron(II), Cobalt(II), Nickel(II), Copper(II), Magnesium(II) & Calcium(II)Bhattacharyya, S; Das, H RIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]134-137
Formation of Surface Nitrate Complexes by Adsorption of Nitric Oxide & Nitrogen Dioxide on Asbestos Mineral ChrysotileRoss, R A; Vishwanathan, VIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]138-139
Kinetics of Formation of Copper (I) in Water + Acetonitrile Mixtures in Reversible Reaction Cu2+ + Cu02Cu+ : Part IIGill, DIP Singh; Srivastava, ReetaIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]140-142
A New Preparative Technique for Synthesis of SpinelsMulla, B A; Darshane, V SIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]143-144
Preparation of Potassium Ferrofiuoride & Cesium Manganese FluorideMajmudar, A A; Gokhale, Y W; Rao, G SIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]145
Partial Molal Volumes of Copper Sulphate in Urea-Water SolutionsBlokhra, R L; Parmar, M L; Bhatia, V KIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]146-147
Effect of Stannic Chloride as a Complexing Agent in Radical Copolymerization of Acrylonitrile with Ethyl MethacrylateEl-Khair, B Mostafa Abo; Mokhtar, S M; El-Sabee, M ZIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]148-149
Solubility of 4-Nitrobenzoic Acid in Water & Salt SolutionsSugunan, S.IJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]150-151
Polarographic & Spectrophotometric Studies of Interaction of Organic Bases with Sodium NitroprussideKashyap, R S; Kumar, ArvindIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]152-153
Nucleoside Monophosphate Complexes of Dioxouranium(VI)Ramalingam, K; Krishnamoorthy, C RIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]154-155
Some trans-Cinnamic & Dihydrocinnamic Acid Derivatives of Aluminium(III) & Titanium(IV)Singh, R; Narula, A K; Kapoor, R N; Kapoor, P NIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]156-158
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 30