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Title:  India Needs an Idea Bank to Lead the World in Intellectual Property Protection
Authors: Livingston, J David
Issue Date: May-2003
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: This paper is an effort to explain the need for a system to protect human ideas related to different walks of life in its conceptual stage. At present, there is no effective system available to protect such ideas. Patent system is protecting the proven and workable ideas. Since today’s R&D is market driven, innovative ideas that may revolutionize the market, needs to be protected. The proposed idea bank is a concept to protect the ideas of different nature. In the idea bank, each idea will be properly recorded with an identification number and the priority date under proper classification. In future, any of this protected idea can be tested and commercialized by anyone, anywhere in the world, giving an opportunity to the ‘ideator’ (idea generator) to claim the due share from the users of his/her idea. Thus, a new platform for the protection of human knowledge base must be created in association with the international agencies like WIPO, PCT and WTO. By utilizing the information technology and the Internet any person would be able to access the information from anywhere in the world.
Page(s): 213-221
ISSN: 0975-1076 (Online); 0971-7544 (Print)
Appears in Collections:JIPR Vol.08(3) [May 2003]

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