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Correlation between Topological Features & Critical Constants of Alkanes, Aliphatic Monoalcohols & AlkylbenzenesJain, O V S; Singh, Sukhbir; Gombar, VijayIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]545-549
A Novel Photogalvanovoltaic Tandem CellBasu, J; Chatterjee, A B; Mukherjee, K K RohatgiIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]550-553
Charge Transfer Interaction of Biomolecules with DyesKarmakar (Nee Bhattacharya), Saswati; Basu, RamaIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]554-556
Alkylenedithiophosphates of Indium(III)Ahmad, Rafi; Srivastava, G; Mehrotra, R C; Saraswat, B SIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]557-561
Complexes of Unsymmetrical Boranes with Bidentate Schiff Bases: Proton, Carbon-13 & Boron-11 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Complexes Containing B - N BondsBhal, (Miss) Laxmi; Tandon, J PIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]562-564
Heteroligand Complexes of Some Transition Metals Containing 2,2'-Bipyridyl & Tricine as Ligands in Aqueous SolutionTripathi, Rohitashva M; Ghose, (Mrs) Ranjana; Ghose, Animesh KIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]565-567
Application of Softness Parameters to the Structural Study of Organobimetallic CompoundsSingh, P P; Singh, Divya; Singh, Meena; Gupta, D SIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]568-573
Reactions of Trimethylsilyl-pyrrolidine & -piperidine with MoOCl4Vasisht, Sham K; Singh, Gursharan; Chaudhary, (Ms) SaritaIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]574-577
Structural & Biocidal Studies on Some Di- & Tri-organotin(IV) DithiocarbamatesSiddiqi, K S; Kureshy, R I; Khan, N H; Zaidi, S A AIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]578-581
Kinetics & Mechanism of Dissociation of Heterochelate Complexes: Acid-catalyzed Aquation of Oxinatobisbiguanidecobalt(III) PerchlorateChakravarty, Biswanath; Ghosh, (Mrs) IndraniIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]582-585
Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of Some a-Amino Acids by Phenyliodosyl Acetate & Lead Tetraacetate: A Comparative StudyRadhakrishnamurti, P S; Panda, H P; Pradhan, D CIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]586-588
Oxidation of Primary Alcohols by Sodium N-Bromobenzenesulphonamide: A Kinetic StudyMahadevappa, D S; Ananda, SIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]589-593
Low-temperature Preparation of Sillenite Phases in Bi-M-O (M=Mn, Fe, Co) SystemsRamanan, A; Gopalakrishnan, JIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]594-596
Study of the Tautomeric Behaviour of Fluorescein Dye due to Surfactant InteractionMishra, V N; Datt, NarainIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]597-600
Effect of Temperature & Inhibitors on the Corrosion of Aluminium in 2NHCI Solution: A Kinetic StudyElawady, Y A; Ahmed, Awad IIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]601-602
Diffusion of Phenols & Benzyl Alcohol through Porous (G-4) DiaphragmSanyal, S K; Mandal, S KIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]603-604
Effect of Iron(III) on Acid-catalysed Aquation of Phosphatopentaammine-cobalt(III): Evidence of Negative Catalysis by lron(III)Dash, Anadi C; Dash, Madhu SIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]605-606
Synthesis of 2,3,5,6- Tetramethylene-bicyclo[2.2.0]hexanediironhexacarbonyl, a Novel ComplexKhan, S M A; Hashem, M A; Karim, M M; Ullah, S SIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]607
Synthesis of Novel Nickel(II) Macrocyc1ic Complex: A Case of Stabilization of DicarbinolamineBalasubramanian, S; Krishnan, C NIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]608-609
Nickel(II) & Copper(II) Complexes of the Schiff Base Derived from Phenylbiguanide & BenzilSaha, S R; Bagchi, AmitavaIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]610-612
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 29