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Studies of Phosphazenes: Part 29† - Reaction of Octachlorocyclotetraphosphazene with Sodium 2,2,2-TrifluoroethoxideSwamy, K C Kumara; Krishnamurthy, S S; Murthy, A R Vasudeva; Shaw, R A; Woods, MIJC-A Vol.25A(11) [November 1986]1004-1011
Partitioning of Reaction Paths in Ce(IV) Induced Electron Transfer in Azidopentaamminecobalt(III) PerchlorateSubramani, K; Srinivasan, Vangalur SIJC-A Vol.25A(11) [November 1986]1030-1033
Conductance Behaviour of Silver (I) Bromate & Silver (I) Perchlorate in Water-Acetonitrile & Methanol-Acetonitrile MixturesSubramanian, S; Kalidas, CIJC-A Vol.25A(11) [November 1986]1018-1022
Ruthenium(II) Complexes Containing Nitrogen HeterocyclicsGopinathan, (Mrs) Sarada; Runny, I; Deshpande, (Mrs) S S; Gopinathan, CIJC-A Vol.25A(11) [November 1986]1015-1017
A Study of Internal Pressures of Binary Liquid Mixtures at Different TemperaturesAmirthaganesan, G; Govindasamy, S; Andiappan, AnIJC-A Vol.25A(11) [November 1986]1023-1026
Mechanism of Aquation of Malonatopentaamminerhodium (III) Ion in Aqueous Acidic MediaChatterjee, C; Bali, A SIJC-A Vol.25A(11) [November 1986]1034-1037
Ring Nitrosation & Bromination of Lanthanide ChelatesShankar, G; Ramalingam, S KIJC-A Vol.25A(11) [November 1986]1012-1014
Effect of Organic Solvents on Dye-DNA InteractionDutta, S L; Saha, S KIJC-A Vol.25A(11) [November 1986]1001-1003
Thermodynamics of Aluminium-Nickel AlloysOforka, N CIJC-A Vol.25A(11) [November 1986]1027-1029
1-(4'-Chlorophenyl)-4,4,6-trimethyl (1H,4H)-2-pyrimidinethiol as an Effective Reagent for the Spectrophotometric Determination of Copper After Synergic ExtractionKuchekar, S R; Anuse, M A; Chavan, M BIJC-A Vol.25A(11) [November 1986]1041-1043