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Measurement of Internal Pressure in Liquid SystemsSuryanarayana, C VIJC-A Vol.25A(06) [June 1986]538-540
Formation Constants & Thermodynamics of Formation of Mixed Ligand Chelates of Cu(II) with Picolinic Acid N-oxide & Some Aniino Acids, Catechol, 2,2'-Bipyridyl & 1,10-Phenanthroline in Aqueous MediumDevi, Ch Sarala; Reddy, M G RamIJC-A Vol.25A(06) [June 1986]600-602
Stability Constants & Thermodynamic Parameters of the Complexes of Diphenylcarbazone & Its Nuclear Substituted Derivatives with Some Divalent Metal IonstMath, K S; Hiremath, S T; Aminabhavi, T MIJC-A Vol.25A(06) [June 1986]603-604
Studies on Bis(p-dimethylaminobenzyl-idene)benzidine Complexes of Trivalent LanthanidesIftikhar, K; Arvind; Sayeed, M; Ahmad, NIJC-A Vol.25A(06) [June 1986]589-591
Direct Potentiometric Determination of Antipyrine & Some of Its Lanthanide Complexes Using N-BromophthalimideDas, C Mohana; Indrasenan, PIJC-A Vol.25A(06) [June 1986]605-606
Preparation & Characterisation of Lanthanide Nitrate & Chloride Complexes of 2-Ethoxycarbonylaminopyridine N-OxideAgarwal, R K; Gupta, S KIJC-A Vol.25A(06) [June 1986]597-599
Penta-coordinated Base-adducts of Copper(II) Heterochelate with Nitrogen DonorsChacko, Jessy; Parameswaran, GeethaIJC-A Vol.25A(06) [June 1986]595-596
Magnetic & Spectral Studies on Some Transition Metal Complexes of N,N'Bis(dithiocarboxy)piperazineAravindakshan, K KIJC-A Vol.25A(06) [June 1986]592-594
Zone-refined TetraphenylgermaneMohan, Hari; Singh, A JIJC-A Vol.25A(06) [June 1986]587-588