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First Catalytic Fixation of Nitrogen by Photocatalytic CdS/Pt/RuO2 Particulate SystemKhan, M M Taqui; Bhardwaj, R C; Bhardwaj, CIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]1-2
Intermolecular Potential of Ethylene Dimer – A Modified Semiempirical MethodBhanuprakash, K; Srikantan, D; Chandra, A KIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]3-6
Molecular Orbital Study of Some Aromatic N-Oxide SystemsChadha, RitaIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]7-14
Experimental & Theoretical Studies on Electronic Spectra of o-, m- & p- Amino Benzoic Acids & Their Protonated & Deprotonated SpeciesJain, Dharam V S; Nandel, Fateh S; Singla, Prem; Kaur, Daman JitIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]15-19
Thermodynamic Studies on Solvation & Protonation Behaviour of p-Nitroaniline in Some Aqueous Salt Solutions at 298.15 KBhattacharya, Prasenjit; Basumallick, Indra NIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]20-22
Photolysis of Alkaline Earth Metal Tris(oxalato)ferrates(III): A Mossbauer StudyBrar, A S; Brar, S; Sandhu, S SIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]23-25
Solubility & Dissociation Constant of Benzoic Acid in Isopropanol + Water MixturesPal, A; Lahiri, S CIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]26-30
Role of Lead in Electroluminescence of Zn2P2O7 - Mn PhosphorsDeshmukh, S N; Ambardekar, D SIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]31-34
Electrochemical Studies on the Electron-transfer Reactions of Substituted Photoproducts of Potassium Octacyano-molybdate(IV) & -tungstate(IV) with 1,10-PhenanthrolineAli, S I; Sharma, SeemaIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]35-38
Kinetics of Oxidation of Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid (DPTA) by Hexacyarioferrate(III)Gupta, (Miss) Nishi; Nigam, P C; Naik, R MIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]39-43
Kinetics & Mechanism of Substitution in trans-Dichlorobis(ethylenediamine) cobalt(III) Chloride by Organic Amines in Nonaqueous MediaPaulraj, K; Balasubramaniam, T M; Raman, M; Ramalingam, S KIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]44-47
Periodate Oxidation of 2,5-Dimethylaniline in Aqueous Acetic Acid-A Kinetic & Mechanistic StudySrivastava, S P; Bhattacharjee, G; Malik, PratibhaIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]48-50
A Modified Method for the Electrolytic Preparation of Bis(fluorosulphuryl) PeroxideSingh, Sukhjinder; Verma, Rajendar DIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]51-53
Unsymmetrical Boron Complexes of Schiff Bases Derived from S-BenzyldithiocarbazateBhai, (Miss) Laxmi; Tandon, J PIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]54-56
Synthesis, Characterisation & Antibacterial Activity of Dibenzoyltellurium Diiodide, Dibenzoyltelluride & Heterocyclic Systems Derived from ThemKulkarni, Y D; Srivastava, Surendra; Athar, MohdIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]57-59
Study of the Proton Transfer Equilibria of BH+ -type Acids in Propylene Glycol-Water MixturesDe, A L; Atta, A KIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]60-61
Diamagnetic Susceptibilities of 4H-1, 4-BenzothiazinesGupta, R R; Kumar, M; Kumar, Rakesh; Gautam, R KIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]62-63
Substituent Effects on Carbonyl Stretching Frequency of β-Naphthyl Styryl KetonesRajasekaran, K; Gnanasekaran, CIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]64-66
Inhibition Efficiency of Proteins & Carbohydrates & Dissolution of Tin in Nitric AcidBaraka, A; Razik, A Abdel; Ibrahim, MeIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]67-68
Kinetics of Oxidative Cleavage of Amino Acids by N-Bromosuccinimide in Aqueous Perchloric Acid MediumRadhakrishnamurti, P S; Sasmal, B M; Patnaik, D PIJC-A Vol.25A(01) [January 1986]69-70
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 35