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Fuel adulteration detection using long period fiber grating sensor technologyMishra, Vandana; Jain, Subhash C; Singh, Nahar; Poddar, G C; Kapur, PawanIJPAP Vol.46(2) [Febuary 2008]106-110
Effect of L-arginine, L-histidine and glycine on the growth of KDP single crystals and their characterizationKumar, B Suresh; Babu, K RajendraIJPAP Vol.46(2) [Febuary 2008]123-126
Self-affine multiplicity fluctuation of grey tracks in π⁻-AgBr interactions at 350 GeV/cGhosh, Dipak; Deb, Argha; Pal, Sitaram; Ghosh, JayitaIJPAP Vol.46(2) [Febuary 2008]93-99
Radiation and mass transfer effects on an unsteady MHD convection flow past a semi-infinite vertical permeable moving plate embedded in a porous medium with viscous dissipationPrasad, V Ramachandra; Reddy, N BhaskarIJPAP Vol.46(2) [Febuary 2008]81-92
Fourier transform infrared and Fourier transform Raman spectra and normal coordinate analysis of ethyleneimineGunasekaran, S; Uthra, DIJPAP Vol.46(2) [Febuary 2008]100-105
Multiple relaxation investigations in polyetherimide: Thermally stimulated depolarization current techniqueSingh, Randhir; Kaushik, B K; Quamara, J KIJPAP Vol.46(2) [Febuary 2008]127-133
Thermally stimulated discharge current and fractional polarization studies in polyimide (Kapton-H) samplesGaur, M S; Ramlal; Shukla, Prashant; Saxena, Pooja; Tiwari, R KIJPAP Vol.46(2) [Febuary 2008]118-122
Design a tunable cavity resonator for complex permittivity measurement of low-loss material at L bandCalla, O P N; Mishra, Sanjeev Kumar; Bohra, Dinesh; Khandelwal, Nitin; Kalla, Paritosh; Sharma, Charu; Gathania, Neha; Bohra, Naveen; Shukla, SaurabhIJPAP Vol.46(2) [Febuary 2008]134-138
Diffusion and transport phenomena in a collisional magnetoplasma with temperature anisotropyBaral, K C; Nath, GIJPAP Vol.46(2) [Febuary 2008]111-117
Three site hole hopping in high Tʗ superconductorsTiwari, M; Singh, R AIJPAP Vol.46(2) [Febuary 2008]139-144