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Cerium(III) Inhibited Carbon-Carbon Bond Cleavage in Cr(VI) Induced Electron TransferKalidoss, Ponnusamy; Srinivasan, Vangalur SIJC-A Vol.26A(12) [December 1987]1039-1041
Preparation & Characterization of Some Organoplatinum(IV) Complexes Containing PyridylpyrazolesJain, Vimal KIJC-A Vol.26A(12) [December 1987]1019-1022
Platinum(II) Complexes of N,N' – DicyclopentylethylenediaminePuniyani, Sushil; Srivastava, T SIJC-A Vol.26A(12) [December 1987]1015-1018
Correlation of Metal-Ligand Stability Constants of Complexes of Salicyloylhydrazine with Some Divalent Metal Ions in Water-Dimethylformamide MediaRambabu, C; Rao, P V Krishna; Rao, R Sambasiva; Satyanarayana, AIJC-A Vol.26A(12) [December 1987]1073-1075
Formation Constants of Ternary Complexes of Cu(II) with N-Substituted Anthranilic Acids & Some Amino AcidsRao, B Krishna; Shivraj; Ram, Kashi; Reddy, M G RamIJC-A Vol.26A(12) [December 1987]1076-1077
Polarographic & Physicochemical Characterization of a Ternary Complex of Platinum (II)Palaniappan, R; Paul, Agnes0975-0975(Online); 0376-4710(Print)1071-1072
Rapid Galvanic Stripping Determination of ZincJaya, S; Rao, T Prasada; Rao, G PrabhakaraIJC-A Vol.26A(12) [December 1987]1078-1079
Synthesis & Vibrational Spectra of Dioxouranium(VI), Th(IV), Zr(IV) & Oxozirconium(IV) Chlorosulphates &Their Complexes with Some Organic DonorsAzaidi, S A; Zaidi, S Rehan A; Shaheer, S A; Khan, Tabrez AIJC-A Vol.26A(12) [December 1987]1056-1058
Studies on Complexes of 4,6-Dihydroxycoumaran-3-one with La(III), Pr(III), Nd(III), Sm(III), Gd(III), Tb(III), Dy(III), Ho(III) &Yb(III)Dhar, M L; Singh, Onkar; Raina, R KIJC-A Vol.26A(12) [December 1987]1059-1061
Acetoxy Boron Complexes of KetaminesSingh, H B; Tandon, J PIJC-A Vol.26A(12) [December 1987]1054-1055