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Development of bitumen emulsion based cold mix technology for construction of roads under different climatic conditions of IndiaPundhir, N K S; Nunda, P KJSIR Vol.65(09) [September 2006]729-743
Microbial and analytical characterization of Chhu-A traditional fermented milk product of the Sikkim HimalayasDewan, Sailendra; Tamang, Jyoti PrakashJSIR Vol.65(09) [September 2006]747-752
Effect of lithological variations of mine roof on chock shield support using numerical modeling techniqueVerma, A K; Deb, DJSIR Vol.65(09) [September 2006]702-712
Effect of thermal and redox initiator on emulsion copolymerization of styrene – butyl acrylate and comparison of paint propertiesKhan, A K; Roy, B C; Dolui, S KJSIR Vol.65(09) [September 2006]744-746
Catalytic wet air oxidation of toxic nitrogen containing compounds (pyridine) from wastewaterChaudhary, Raja Raman; Kumar, Pradeep; Chand, ShriJSIR Vol.65(09) [September 2006]757-759
Studies on the stabilities of various types of industrial pressure measuring devicesYadav, Sanjay; Prakash, Om; Gupta, V K; Bandyopadhyay, A KJSIR Vol.65(09) [September 2006]721-724
Some spent black liquor based powder detergents cum stain removersMandavgane, S A; Gogte, B B; Subramanian, DJSIR Vol.65(09) [September 2006]760-764
Application of simplex centroid design for the preparation of hydrophilic matrix tablets of diclofenac sodium and statistical optimization of release rateDas, B; Manna, A; Chakraborty, D; Deb, SJSIR Vol.65(09) [September 2006]725-728
A proposed neural internal model control for robot manipulatorsYıldırım, ŞahinJSIR Vol.65(09) [September 2006]713-720
Determining expedited time and cost of the end product with defective component parts using critical path method (CPM) and time-costing methodChiu, Singa Wang; Chiu, Yuan-Shyi Peter; Shih, Chih-ChangJSIR Vol.65(09) [September 2006]695-701