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Utilization of anaerobically digested distillery effluent for the production of Spirulina platensis (ARM 730)Kaushik, Rajeev; Prasanna, Radha; Joshi, H CJSIR Vol.65(06) [June 2006]521-525
Pharmacological properties of flavonoids including flavonolignans – Integration of petrocrops with drug development from plantsSharma, D KJSIR Vol.65(06) [June 2006]477-484
Design and development of high frequency standard inductorsNath, Om Kar; Goel, Avadesh KumarJSIR Vol.65(06) [June 2006]510-513
Mathematical modeling for production system with backlogging and failure in repairChiu, Singa Wang; Chiu, Yuan-Shyi PeterJSIR Vol.65(06) [June 2006]499-506
Fuzzy modeling and control of HVAC systems – A reviewSingh, Jagdev; Singh, Nirmal; Sharma, J KJSIR Vol.65(06) [June 2006]470-476
Development of four channel programmable FES system using multi-tap transformers Sharma, V K; Agnihotri, R C; Pankaj, Dinesh; Kumar, Neelesh; Jindal, Rohit; Mehta, Deepak; Bahadur, RajJSIR Vol.65(06) [June 2006]507-509
Analytical techniques used to characterize drug-polyvinylpyrrolidone systems in solid and liquid states – An overviewChadha, Renu; Kapoor, V K; Kumar, AmitJSIR Vol.65(06) [June 2006]459-469
Studies on effect of alkaline earth metal chloride on crossing point temperature of coalMandai, Sinu; Prasad, R S; Verma, L KJSIR Vol.65(06) [June 2006]518-520
Investigation of FWM effect on BER in WDM optical communication system with different modulation formatsSingh, Amarpal; Sharma, Ajay K; Singh, ParamjitJSIR Vol.65(06) [June 2006]495-498
An implementation and usability evaluation of automatic cash-payment system for hospitalYang, Hui-Jen; Lay, Yun-Long; Tsai, Chung-HoJSIR Vol.65(06) [June 2006]485-494