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Topological Investigations of the Viscous Behaviour of Binary Mixtures of Non-electrolytesSingh, Prem PaulIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]469-473
Charge-Transfer Complexes of Hydroxystyrylcyanine Dyes & Their Analogues with Nicotine: Structure-Activity Relationship StudiesGirgis, Maher M; Khalil, Zarif HIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]474-478
Solution Densities of Aqueous Potassium Chloride-Barium Chloride Mixtures at 298.15 K & Different Ionic StrengthsKumar, AnilIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]479-481
Electrochemical Behaviour of Bisazo Dye, Acid Red-150Goyal, R N; Kumar, AnoopIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]482-486
Redox Chemistry of Hyponitrous Acid: Part I-Stoichiometry, Kinetics & Mechanism of Its Oxidation by Ethylenediaminetetraacetatothallium (III) in Aqueous Perchloric Acid MediumGoyal, Muni R; Mitral, Rama K; Gupta, Y KIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]487-493
Chromium (VI) Oxidation of Thallium(I) in Aqueous Acetic Acid & Effect of Added Vanadium(V) on the ReactionGokavi, G S; Raju, J RIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]494-497
Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of Glutamine & Serine by Peroxomonosulphate in the Absence & Presence of Acetaldehyde & PropionaldehydeRamachandran, M S; Vivekanandam, T S; Devasingh, C Newman PaulIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]498-503
Synthesis & Characterisation of Potassium, Cesium & Ammonium Oxotetrafluorotitanates(IV)Chaudhuri, Mihir K; Das, Bimai EnduIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]504-506
Synthesis &Infrared, 1H, 13C, 119Sn NMR & 119Sn Mossbauer Studies of Some New Diorganotin Dichloride AdductsKothiwal, A S; Singh, A; Rai, A K; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]507-509
Synthesis & Characterization of Complexes of Ru(II), Pt(II) & Pd(II) with Substituted ChalconesRao, T Seetharama; Reddy, K Laxma; Lingaiah, PIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]510-513
Metal Complexes of Some Peptide Derivatives: Part V-Complex Formation of Copper(II) with N-Salicyloyl Derivatives of Some Amino AcidsMukherjee, G N; Sarkar, (Miss) SIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]514-518
Coordination Compounds of Organometallic Bases of Group(IV) Elements: Part XI-Reactions of N,N'-(Phenyl/o-chlorophenyl/p-methylphenyl/Benzyl/diethyl)-1,1-di-n-propoxy/n-butoxy-silanediamines† with Tin(IV) & Titanium(IV) Chlorides at -10°CNarula, Suraj P; Kapur, Neeta; Shankar, Rayi; Chodha, Arun; Malhotra, RajeshIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]519-522
Solvent Extraction Studies of Mixed Chelates of EuropiumSangurdekar, P R; Sudersanan, MIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]523-526
Application of Mean Spherical Approximation in Estimating Activity Coefficients of Aqueous Mixed Electrolyte SolutionsKumar, AnilIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]527-528
Excess Properties of Binary Liquid Mixtures at 293.15Aminabhavi, T M; Manjeshwar, L S; Halligudh, S B; Balundgi, R HIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]529-531
Studies of New Zeolite Derivatives of StilbiteSinghai, Neelu; Banerjee, Sati PrasadIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]532-535
Studies of New Mesogens: Part II-p-(p’-n-Alkoxycinnamoyloxy)benzylidene-p”-n-butoxyanilinesLohar, J M; Dhabhai, D NIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]536-537
Charge Density-Activation Energy Correlations in Bromination of Thiophenes by N-Bromosuccinimide in SolutionRajaraman, Lalitha; Nanjan, M J; Kannappan, VIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]538-539
Mechanism of Ligand Susbstitution Reaction of Monobipyridyl Complex of Manganese(II)El-Nader, H M Abu; Moussa, M N HIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]540-541
Complexes of Oxovanadium(IV), Chromium(III), Manganese(II), Iron(II), Cobalt(II), Nickel(II) & Copper(II) with 6-chloro-4-hydroxy-3-acetylocoumarin (Cl-HAC)Sharda, (Miss) L Nalanda; Ganorkar, M CIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]542-544
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 26