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Molecular Branching Topology & Quantum Mechanical QuantitiesRakshit, S C; Banerjee, M; Hazra, BirenIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]183-187
A Study of Quantitative Structure-Property Correlations (QSPC) Applying an Unusual Additivity SchemeSingh, S; Mishra, B K; Mishra, R KIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]188-191
Hot Atom Chemistry in Oxyanion Targets: Part 3†-Some Theoretical Aspects of Reincorporation of Parent Form in PermanganatesMishra, Shuddhodan P; Singh, (Miss) JyotiIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]192-197
Current Efficiency, Dielectric Measurements & Ion Mobility Studies of Anodic Oxide Films Formed on Tantalum in Aqueous ElectrolytesNigam, R K; Kalra, K C; Katyal, ParveenIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]198-203
Permeability of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon & Helium through Porous Medium (Fuel Cell Grade Asbestos + 5% Polyvinyl Alcohol)Blokhra, R LIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]204-206
Kinetics &Mechanism of Oxidation of Sulphanilamide by Peroxomonophosphoric AcidPanigrahi, G P; Paichha, R CIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]207-210
Kinetics of Co-oxidation of Ethylene Glycol & Propan-2-ol by Acid BromateChar, P Narasimha; Sondu, S; Sethuram, B; Rao, T NavaneethIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]211-213
2,2,2-Trifluoroethoxy Derivatives of Chromium(III): Synthesis & Coordination ChemistryChadha, S L; Uppal, KaminiIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]214-216
Synthesis & Spectral Studies of Complexes of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Ru(II), Pd(II) & Pt(II) with 2,3-Disubstituted Quinazolin-(3H)-4-onesPrabhakar, B; Reddy, K Laxma; Lingaiah, PIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]217-221
Synthetic & Structural Studies on the Polymeric Complexes of Terephthaloyl-bis-(N-phenylhydroxamic Acid) (TPHA) & Sebacyl-bis(N-phenylhydroxamic Acid) (SPHA) with Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) & Zn(II)Munshi, K N; Kharche, V W; Juneja, H DIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]222-224
Synthesis & Characterization of Nitrato & Acetato Complexes of Dioxouranium(VI) with Disalicylaldehyde Acyl HydrazonesDas, S; Lal, R AIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]225-230
Mixed-Ligand Complexes of Fe(II) & Cu(II) with Alizarin Maroon as a Primary Ligand & 5-Sulphosalicylic Acid as a Secondary LigandSeleim, M M; Idriss, K A; Abu-Bakr, M S; Hassan, M KIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]231-234
Internal Pressure & Free Volume of Potassium Chloride Solutions in Water- Dimethylformamide MixturesPillai, S O; Natarajan, SIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]235-236
Absorption & Fluorescence Spectra of Phenosafranin in Aqueous Solutions in Presence of AlkylaminesBhowmik, Benoy B; Roy, SharmilaIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]237-239
Electronic Spectra & Ionisation Equilibria of ThymolKrishnamurty, Mannam; Dogra, SnehIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]240-241
Hydrolysis of 1-p-Anisyl-2,2-dimethylbutyl Chloride: Special Salt EffectsNair, M R; Shaji, V RIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]242-243
Effects of Anionic & Non-Ionic Surfactants in Differential Pulse PolarographyKumar, Vinay; Baker, Gary L; Farrell, Patrik T; Milewski, Linda M; Zimmerman, Sandra LIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]244-245
Kinetics of Interaction of Nickel (II) & Cobalt (II) with ɑ-Amino-β-methylbutyric AcidMalhotra, H C; Jain, Amitabh KIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]246-249
Ru(III)-catalysed Decomposition of Ni(III) in Aqueous Sulphuric Acid Medium: A Kinetic & Ionic Strength Effect StudyReddy, G Krishna; Reddy, T Rayapa; Jagannadham, VIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]250-251
Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of Dimethyl Sulphoxide by Chromic Acid in Aqueous Acid MediumRao, S Venkateswara; Jagannadham, VIJC-A Vol.27A(03) [March 1988]252-253
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 29