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Fluorescence Emission of trans-4,4'-DiphenylstilbeneKunjappu, Joy T; Rao, K NIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]1-3
Adenosine-sensitised Photolysis of AlanineMukherjee, T; Wani, A M; Mitial, J PIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]4-5
Apparent Molal Volumes & Apparent Molal Compressibilities of Some Carbohydrates in Dilute Aqueous Solutions at Different TemperaturesKaulgud, M V; Dhondge, S SIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]6-11
Apparent Molal Compressibility Behaviour of Sodium Salts of Some Fatty Acids at Different TemperaturesKaulgud, M V; Rao, K Surya MohanIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]12-17
Permeation Studies on Binary Liquid Mixtures of Acetone with Benzene & ChloroformSingh, Kehar; Pandey, M MIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]18-22
Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of -Glucopyranose l-Phosphate by Chromium(VI) & Vanadium(V) in Perchloric Acid MediumGupta, Kalyan Kali Sen; Gupta, Shipra Sen; Mandal, Subrata Kumar; Basu, Samarendra NathIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]23-26
Kinetics of Oxidation of Mono-, Di- & Tri-chloroacetic Acids by Chloramine-T in Acid Medium: Catalysis by lridium(III)Ramakrishna, S; Kandukar, SushmaIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]27-30
Kinetics of Reaction of Aromatic Anils with Acid Bromate: Interactive Free Energy RelationshipChar, P Narasimha; Sondu, S; Sethuram, B; Rao, T NavaneethIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]31-33
Effect of Formaldehyde on Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of Amino Acids by Bromamine-T in Perchloric Acid MediumGowda, B Thimme; Rao, (Mrs) R VijayalakshmiIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]34-38
Role of Chloride Ion in Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of Amino Acids by Chloramine-T in Perchloric Acid MediumGowda, B Thimme; Rao, (Mrs) R VijayalakshmiIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]39-43
Synthesis & X-Ray Study of 4,4'-Bis(isoamylamino)biphenylSharma, N K; Tiku, Asha; Goswami, K N; Raj, TarsaimIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]44-47
Mixed Ligand Complexes of Copper(II) with -Asparagine as Primary Ligand & Imidazole, Histamine & -Histidine as Secondary LigandsNair, M Siyasankaran; Siyasankar, B; Rengaraj, KIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]48-51
Pd(II) & Pt(IV) Complexes with Some Bi-, Tri- & Tetra-dentate LigandsRao, N Rama; Ganorkar, M CIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]52-55
Solvent Effect on the Dipole Moments of Some N-Substituted MaleimidesNaoum, Magdi M; Abdel-Moteleb, Mohamed M; Wahba, Samia MIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]56-57
Polarographic Reduction of Furfural SemicarbazoneSetty, R Venugopal; Rao, V Suryanarayana; Rao, S BrahmajiIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]58-59
Reaction of Dianion from Benzil-4,4'-dimethyldianil with Molybdenum Hexacarbonyl Leading to a Dianilinostilbene ComplexSingh, (Mrs) Geeta; Mehrotra, K NIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]60
NMR Study of Brominated Yttrium AcetylacetonateShankar, G; Ramalingam, S KIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]61-62
Pyridinium Hydrobromide Perbromide as a Brominating Agent for Metal β -DiketonatesSamath, S Abdul; Raman, M; Ramalingam, S KIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]63-65
Trivalent Nickel Complexes Containing Uninegative Bidentate Ligands & BromineBaral, (Miss) Minati; Kanungo, B K; Pradhan, BIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]66-67
Nickel(II) & Cobalt(II) Complexes of N,N-Diethylpyridine- 2-carboxamideLyall, Pamela; Singh, GurdevIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]68-70
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27