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Title: Gas-phase catalytic synthesis of MTBE from MeOH and ButOH over various microporous H-zeolites
Authors: Zhang, Q
Xia, Q-H
Lu, X-H
Ma, X-T
Su, K-X
Keywords: Catalysis;Acid catalysis;Gas phase synthesis;Zeolites;H-zeolites;Microporous zeolites
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: Int. Cl.8 B01J29/40; C10L1/85; C10L10/10
Abstract:  Several H-zeolites such as HZSM-5, HY, Hb, H-13X, H-K10 and HA have been used to catalyze the gas-phase synthesis of methyl tert-butyl ether from methanol and tert-butanol in a continuous fixed-bed reactor. The ascending sequence of Bronsted acidity is: H-K10 (0.86) < Hb (2.04) < H-13X (2.83) < HY (3.93) < HZSM-5 (5.22), which is appreciably different from the order of Lewis acidity: H-K10 (0.87) < HZSM-5 (1.15) < H-13X (1.75) < HY (4.94) < Hb (6.10). The optimal reaction temperature varies in the order: Amberlyst-15 (80-110 °C) Hb (80-90 °C) < HZSM-5 (120 °C) < HY (140-150 °C) < H-K10 (150 °C) << H-13X (220 °C), and is dependent on several factors. The Hb catalyst shows the best activity and on-stream stability (the selective conversion of >97.4 mol% ButOH to MTBE) at 80-90 °C (comparable to that of commercial Amberlyst-15), along with increasing time-on-stream up to 110 h at 90 °C. The highly selective conversion of ButOH to MTBE remains more or less constant on both the catalysts.
Page(s): 788-792
ISSN: O975-0975 (Online); 0376-4710 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.48A(06) [June 2009]

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