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Studies on compatibility of selective direct dyes for dyeing of jute fabricSamanta, Ashis Kumar; Bhaumik, Nilendu Sekhar; Konar, Adwaita; Roy, Alok NathIJFTR Vol.44(1) [March 2019]98-106
Surface modification of cotton fabrics treated with organic-inorganic nanocompositesSchramm, ChristianIJFTR Vol.44(1) [March 2019]83-91
Influence of tuck stitch in wale direction on thermal comfort characteristics of layered knitted fabricsSenthilkumar, P; Suganthi, TIJFTR Vol.44(1) [March 2019]65-74
Basalt hybrid woven textile materials for advanced thermal applicationsJamshaid, Hafsa; Mishra, Rajesh; Militky, Jiri; Hussain, SajidIJFTR Vol.44(1) [March 2019]56-64
Influence of weave structure on low-stress mechanical properties and total hand values of cotton fabricKar, Tapas Ranjan; Pandharpure, ArvindIJFTR Vol.44(1) [March 2019]75-82
Mathematical modeling of absorption behavior of acid dye onto wool fibre using law of conservation of massNateri, Ali Shams; Juybari, Hamid Fattahi; Hivechi, AhmadIJFTR Vol.44(1) [March 2019]113-117
Padding technique for natural dyeingIndi, Y M; Patil, P D; Jujare, TejasIJFTR Vol.44(1) [March 2019]118-121
A water saving approach in textile finishing by reusing batch-washing wastewaterÇay, Ahmet; Çelik, Serdin; Yardım, Ayhan; Selışık, BenhürIJFTR Vol.44(1) [March 2019]107-112
Prediction of braid pattern on mandrels with constant non-circular cross-sectionsHajrasouliha, J; Nedoushan, R Jafari; Sheikhzadeh, MIJFTR Vol.44(1) [March 2019]92-97
Sea water for reactive dyeing of cotton fabricsDevanand, G; Parthiban, MIJFTR Vol.44(1) [March 2019]122-124