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Title: Reproductive biology of the siboga squid Doryteuthis sibogae (Adam) from Thoothukkudi (Tuticorin) coast, southeast coast of India
Authors: Neethiselvan, N
Venkataramani, V K
Srikrishnadhas, B
Issue Date: Dec-2001
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Studies on the seasonal occurrence of maturity stages of Doryteuthis sibogae revealed that it is a prolonged breeder as matured and spent specimens of both the sexes were recorded almost round the year. Two peak spawning periods, one from August to September and another from December to January were observed. Matured animals were represented by a wider length range inferring non semelparous nature of the species. However, dominance of males during peak spawning season as evidenced from sex ratio studies do confirm existence of a minor degree of post spawning mortality in females. The weight of gonad and nidamental glands increased during maturation and proved as good indices of maturation. Females attained maturity earlier than males. Fecundity showed a significant correlation with dorsal mantle length. Doryteuthis sibogae form regular fishery in Thoothukkudi coast on commercial scale. Since this species is a continuous spawner as evidenced in the present study and is intensively exploited at Thoothukkudi bay, an in depth study on stock assessment of this species is an urgent need to sustain the fishery.
Page(s): 257-260
ISSN: 0975-1033 (Online); 0379-5136 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJMS Vol.30(4) [December 2001]

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