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INDO- EHP method for semiempirical calculation of molecular excited states: A case study with the low-lying states of keteneChandra, A K; Banerjee, MIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1143-1148
Electron energy loss spectra of alkali metal halides in the vapour phasePradeep, TIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1149-1152
Absorption and fluorescence characteristics of some 2-alkyl- and 2-aryl-benzoxazoles in different solvents and at various acid concentrationsDey, Joy Krishna; Dogra, Sneh KIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1153-1164
Fluorescence spectral studies of the substituted azobenzenes in different solventsBrahma, S K; Bandyopadhyay, C; Chakraburtty, A KIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1165-1168
X-ray structure of (η5-cyclopentadienyl)bis-(triphenylphosphine) (p-nitro-benzoato)ruthenium (II)Mandal, Sisir K; Chakravarty, Akhil RIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1169-1173
Synthesis and characterization of some biphenyl bridged complexes of a new class of binucleating ligands containing amide groupsSarojini, T; Ramachandraiah, AIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1174-1177
Preparation and characterization of ethyl aryl tellurides and their derivativesSandhu, A; Bhasin, K K; Verma, R DIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1178-1181
Discriminating tendencies of cytidine and uridine towards stacking interactions – A phenomenon of biological significanceReddy, P Rabindra; Sudhakar, KIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1182-1186
Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of arylalkanes to carbonyl compounds with acidic pyridinium fluorochromate (PFC)Bhattacharjee, Urbashi (Baruah); Bhattacharjee, Apurba KrishnaIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1187- 1191
Kinetics and mechanisms of oxidation of carbohydrazide by N-chloro and N-bromo benzenesulphonamides and hypochlorite ion in aqueous perchloric acid and buffered mediaGowda, B Thimme; Pardhasaradhi, V; Ramachandra, PIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1192-1198
Breakdown voltage and electronic current studies of aluminium-aluminium oxide-electrolyte systemsKalra, K C; Katyal, Parveen; Bhardwaj, RakeshIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1199-1204
Oscillations in Belousov-Zhabotinskii system with acetone/cyclohexanone as the organic substrateRastogi, R P; Misra, G PIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1205-1207
Kinetics of complexation of boron(III) with alizarin-S and quinalizarinBhowmik, A; Banerjea, DIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1208-1209
Low temperature ethylene chemisorption (LTEC): A facile technique for the titration of active sites on aluminaSivaraj, Ch; Hanumanlu, K; Prasad, P S Sai; Rao, P Venkateswara; Rao, P KantaIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1210-1211
Synthesis and reactions of alkoxyzirconium(IV) O,O-alkylen dithiophosphatesYadav, J S; Mehrotra, R K; Srivastava, GIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1212-1214
Coordination compounds of titanium, zirconium, tin, thorium and uraniumDeshpande, S G; Jain, S CIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1215-1218
Synthesis and characterisation of organozirconium(IV) and organotitanium(IV) - acid complexesLukose, Pushpamma; Narula, A KIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1219-1221
Five coordinate complexes of 2,6-bis(N, N-diethylaminomethyl)pyridine with Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II)Mahajan, M M; Singh, GurdevIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1222-1224
Chemistry of mercaptopyridines and related ligands: Part I-Synthesis & spectroscopic studies of complexes of copper(I) with 2(1H)-pyridinethione-S and tertiaryphosphinesLobana, Tarlok S; Bhatia, Paramjit KIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1225-1227
Synthesis and characterization of some diphenylcyclopentadienyltin carboxylatesSrivastava, PC; Singh, PIJC-A Vol.29A(12) [December 1990]1228-1229
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24