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Light and Heavy Phases derived from waste polyethylene by thermal cracking and their usage as fuel in DI diesel engineÖZCANLI, MustafaJSIR Vol.72(03) [March 2013]198-202
Recent developments on biodiesel in Malaysia Kalam, M A; Masjuki, H HJSIR Vol.64(11) [November 2005]920-927
Treatment of brewery wastewater by pilot scale upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor in mesophilic temperatureOktem, Yalcın; Tufekci, NeseJSIR Vol.65(03) [March 2006]248-251
Total assessment and optimization of telecommunication sectors by an integrated multivariate approachAzadeh, A; Izadbakhsh, H R; Bukhari, AJSIR Vol.66(4) [April 2007]290-298
Effect of varying the Compression ratio and Injection timing on Performance and emission parameters in CI engine using Mahua Bio-dieselHariram, V; Kumar, G MJSIR Vol.74(12) [December 2015]695-701
An Empirical Analysis on the Influence of Technological Innovation on Performance of Iron and Steel IndustryFeng, Mei; Yu, Kehui; Wang, Xinyu; Hao, RongJSIR Vol.76(07) [July 2017]397-400
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability’s Effect on the Relationship Between Technological Companies’ Stakeholders and PerformanceNieves-Nieto, Carmen de; Bernal-Conesa, Juan Andrés; Peñalver, Antonio Juan Briones; Santos, José António CJSIR Vol.77(10) [October 2018]570-574
Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Turbocharged MPFI EngineMathivanan, R N; Mathiyazhagan, K; Raghu, LJSIR Vol.78(04) [April 2019]236-241
Influence of Motivation on Performance: Study of the Insurance SectorFerreira, T SantosJSIR Vol.78(12) [December 2019]837-841
Performance Analysis of CuO2Nanoparticles Addition with Neochloris Oleoabundans Algae Biodiesel on CI EngineKalaimurugan, K; Karthikeyan, S; Periyasamy, M; Mahendran, G; Dharmaprabhakaran, TJSIR Vol.78(11) [November 2019]802-805