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Progress in research on fungal cellulases for lignocellulose degradationMathew, Gincy Marina; Sukumaran, Rajeev K; Singhania, Reeta Rani; Pandey, AshokJSIR Vol.67(11) [November 2008]898-907
Biosorption of Cd²⁺ and Zn²⁺ ions in leachate with Enteromorpha compressa macroalgaSahmurova, Aida; Kose, Sati; Ozbas, Emine ElmaslarJSIR Vol.67(1) [January 2008]77-79
Biomass pyrolysis for liquid fuels and chemicals: A reviewDemirbas, M Fatih; Balat, MustafaJSIR Vol.66(10) [October 2007]797-804
Evaluation of selected biomass for charcoal productionSugumaran, P; Seshadri, SJSIR Vol.68(08) [August 2009]719-723
Biomass production in short rotation effluent-irrigated plantations in north-west IndiaToky, O P; Riddell-Black, Drusilla; Harris, P J C; Vasudevan, Padma; Davies, Philip AJSIR Vol.70(08) [August 2011]601-609
Production and storage of hydrogen: Present scenario and future perspectiveNath, Kaushik; Das, DebabrataJSIR Vol.66(9) [September 2007]701-709
Optimization of apple pomace based medium and fermentation conditions for pigment production by Micrococcus speciesAttri, Devender; Joshi, V KJSIR Vol.64(08) [August 2005]598-601
Performance Evaluation, Economic Analysis and Design of Biomass – Based Modified Purti Gasifier StoveSonarkar, P R; Mardikar, E A; Gupta, S; Dhabu, S S; Chaurasia, A SJSIR Vol.76(02) [February 2017]110-114
Developing Allometric Equations for Prediction of Total Standing Biomass of Pongamia pinnata L.: an important Biodiesel PlantRao, G R; Raju, B M K; Reddy, P Sathi; Kumar, P SharathJSIR Vol.76(05) [May 2017]320-324
An Improved Gasifier Cookstoves: Utilizing Fan Driven Forced Draft for Cleaner CombustionSonarkar, P R; Chaurasia, A SJSIR Vol.77(07) [July 2018]381-385