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Adelfa (NOME - Nerium Oil Methyl Ester) with DEE as the fuel additive for NOx reduction in DI Diesel engines – An experimental investigationKumar, A R P; Annamalai, K; Premkartikkumar, S RJSIR Vol.73(09) [September 2014]627-632
Palm Fatty Acid Distillate based biodiesel: characterization and Emission analysisMetre, A; Nath, KJSIR Vol.74(10) [October 2015]584-588
Optimization of Reaction Parameters of Transesterification for Castor OilDeep, A; Sandhu, S S; Chander, SJSIR Vol.76(02) [February 2017]115-118
Catalytic Synthesis of Biodiesel from Milletia pinnata over Modified forms of Zirconia coated on Honeycomb MonolithsKumar, T E Mohan; Shamshuddin, S Z Mohamed; Serrao, R SJSIR Vol.77(02) [February 2018]104-110
Effect of TBHQ on the Combustion Characteristics of Pomelo oil Biodiesel in a Compression Ignition EngineSaikia, Madhurjya; Bora, Dilip Kumar; Kalita, KalyanJSIR Vol.79(01) [January 2020]81-83
Diesel Engine Emission Characteristics Study using Algae BiofuelSathish, T; Singaravelu, Dinesh KumarJSIR Vol.79(06) [June 2020]547-551
Combustion Analysis using Third Generation Biofuels in Diesel EngineSathish, T; Singaravelu, Dinesh KumarJSIR Vol.79(05) [May 2020]449-452
Engine Combustion Test using Algae Biofuel with NanofluidSaravanan, N; Sasikumar, K S KJSIR Vol.79(09) [September 2020]854-857
Transesterification of Jatropha curcas Oil by using K Impregnated CaO Heterogeneous CatalystSahu, Gajanan; Saha, Sujan; Khuman, Y S C; Datta, Sudipta; Chavan, Prakash DJSIR Vol.79(12) [December 2020]1080-1086
Impact of Alumina Nanoadditives on Operation and Emission Attributes of Diesel EngineSharma, P; Chauhan, N R; Saraswat, MJSIR Vol.80(02) [February 2021]166-171