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Recent developments on biodiesel in Malaysia Kalam, M A; Masjuki, H HJSIR Vol.64(11) [November 2005]920-927
Use of post flame metal-based and oxygenated additive combination for biodiesel-diesel blendsHusnawan, M; Masjuki, H H; Mahlia, T M I; Mekhilef, S; Saifullah, M GJSIR Vol.68(12) [December 2009]1049-1052
Biodiesel: Current perspectives and futureHanna, M A; Isom, Loren; Campbell, JohnJSIR Vol.64(11) [November 2005]854-857
Estimating greenhouse gas emissions from indirect land-use change in biofuels production: concepts and exploratory analysis for soybean-based biodieselPanichelli, Luis; Gnansounou, EdgardJSIR Vol.67(11) [November 2008]1017-1030
Effect of impurities on performance of biodiesel: A reviewBanga, Sangita; Varshney, Pradeep KJSIR Vol.69(08) [August 2010]575-579
Methanolysis of Pongamia pinnata (karanja) oil for production of biodieselMeher, L C; Naik, S N; Das, L MJSIR Vol.63(11) [November 2004]913-918
Performance evaluation of direct injection diesel engine with blends of Thevetia peruviana seed oil and dieselBalusamy, T; Marappan, RJSIR Vol.66(12) [December 2007]1035-1040
Optimization of restaurant waste oil methyl ester yieldMath, M C; Irfan, GJSIR Vol.66(9) [September 2007]772-776
Mahua (Madhuca indica) seed oil: A source of renewable energy in India Puhan, Sukumar; Vedaraman, N; Rambrahamam, B V; Nagarajan, GJSIR Vol.64(11) [November 2005]890-896
Non-catalytic biodiesel fuel production with supercritical methanol technologiesSaka, Shiro; Kusdiana, Dadan; Minami, EijiJSIR Vol.65(05) [May 2006]420-425