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Biosynthesis, Characterization and Optimization of Auxins by Piriformospora indica: It’s Impact on Growth of Solanum melongena L. CultivarsSwetha, S; Padmavathi, TJSIR Vol.75(01) [January 2016]45-50
Application of response surface methodology for the optimization of laccase production from Pleurotus ostreatus by solid state fermentation on pineapple leaf substrateSoumya, P S; Lakshmi, M S K; Nambisan, PJSIR Vol.75(05) [May 2016]306-314
Experimental investigation of CO2 laser cutting on AISI 316L sheetParthiban, A; Ravikumar, R; Zubar, H Abdul; Duraiselvam, MJSIR Vol.73(06) [June 2014]387-393
RSM Studies on Phenol Removal from Aqueous Solution and Removal of Phenolic Compounds from Industrial Effluents by Ionic Liquid [Bmim][BF4]Dissolved in Tributyl PhosphateLakshmi, A B; Remy, R; Balasubramanian, A; Venkatesan, SJSIR Vol.75(08) [August 2016]512-518
Optimization of Ingredients for Development of Squash from Seabuckthorn FruitSelvamuthukumaran, M; Farhath, KJSIR Vol.76(12) [December 2017]785-789
Optimization of Cordycepin Extraction from Cordyceps militaris Fermentation BrothSoltani, M; Malek, R Abd; Ware, I; Ramli, S; Elsayed, E A; Aziz, R; El-Enshasy, H AJSIR Vol.76(06) [June 2017]355-361
Development of an Industrially Feasible Medium for Enhanced Production of Extremely Thermophilic Recombinant Endo-1,4-β-xylanase by Escherichia coliKandiyil, S; Malek, R Abdul; Aziz, R; Enshasy, H A ElJSIR Vol.77(01) [January 2018]41-49
Application of Experimental Designs for Optimization the Production of Alcaligenes Faecalis Nyso LaccaseAbdelgalil, Soad A; Attia, Ahmed M; Reyed, Reyed M; Soliman, Nadia A; Enshasy, Hesham A ElJSIR Vol.77(12) [December 2018]713-722
Multi Response Optimization of process parameters of friction stir welded AA6061 T6 and AA 7075 T651 Using Response Surface MethodologyRaja, R; Jannet, Sabitha; Mohanasundaram, SJSIR Vol.79(03) [March 2020]232-234
Optimization of COD Removal by Advanced Oxidation Process through Response Surface Methodology from Pulp & Paper Industry WastewaterKumar, V; Suraj, P; Ghosh, PJSIR Vol.78(06) [June 2019]386-390