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Performance and exhaust emission analysis on pongamia biodiesel with different open combustion chambers in a DI diesel engineJaichandar, S; Annamalai, KJSIR Vol.71(07) [July 2012]487-491
Port Fuel Injected Hydrogen in Dual Fuel Mode in Direct Injection Diesel EngineMohankumar, G; Dhanasekaran, CJSIR Vol.75(01) [January 2016]56-60
Effect of biodiesel and its blends with oxygenated additives on performance and emissions from a diesel engineSivalakshmi, S; Balusamy, TJSIR Vol.70(10) [October 2011]879-883
Emission characteristics of sunflower oil based bio-compatible blends of 2T oilSenthilkumar, G; Balamurugan, K; Mohanraj, JJSIR Vol.74(01) [January 2015]48-51
Effect of ethanol blend addition on performance and emission of diesel engine operated with Jatropha & Pongamia methyl estersSenthil, R; Silambarasan, RJSIR Vol.73(07) [July 2014]453-455
Performance and emissions achievements by magnetic energizer with a single cylinder two stroke catalytic coated spark ignition engineGovindasamy, P; Dhandapani, SJSIR Vol.66(6) [June 2007]457-463
PAH and other emissions from coconut oil blended fuelsKalam, M A; Saifullah, M G; Masjuki, H H; Husnawan, M; Mahlia, T M IJSIR Vol.67(11) [November 2008]1031-1035
Performance analysis of pressurized kerosene stove with porous medium insertsKakati, S; Mahanta, P; Kakoty, S KJSIR Vol.66(7) [July 2007]565-569
Palm Fatty Acid Distillate based biodiesel: characterization and Emission analysisMetre, A; Nath, KJSIR Vol.74(10) [October 2015]584-588
Effect of varying the Compression ratio and Injection timing on Performance and emission parameters in CI engine using Mahua Bio-dieselHariram, V; Kumar, G MJSIR Vol.74(12) [December 2015]695-701