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Enhancement of Solar Panel Efficiency with the Adoption of Antireflective Coating TechniquesRajvikram, M; Leoponraj, S; Ramkumar, SJSIR Vol.79(03) [March 2020]261-265
Kinematic Design Analysis and Optimization of Mobility System Using MATLABHameed, Abdul Zubar; Krishnaraju, A; Alqahtani, Ammar Y.JSIR Vol.79(03) [March 2020]209-212
Cyclo (Nα-dinicotinoyl)-bis-[(L-valinyl)-L-lysinyl acid hydrazide]: Assessment of its Role in Cancer and Kinase Activity InhibitionAmr, A E; Elsayed, E A; Al-Omar, M A; Almehizia, A A; Abdel-Mageid, Randa E.JSIR Vol.79(04) [April 2020]292–296
Network Lifetime and Coverage Fraction Analysis for Wireless Sensor NetworksDas, Shilpa; Sahu, Benudhar; Panda, GanapatiJSIR Vol.79(04) [April 2020]285-291
Next Reaction Method for Solving Dynamic Macroeconomic Models: A Growth Regressions SimulationAlaminos, David; León-Gómez, Ana; Fernández-Gámez, M A; Ferreira, T SantosJSIR Vol.79(04) [April 2020]277-280
Composite Attribute Based Ad-hoc On Demand Multipath Distance Vector Routing Protocol (CAB-AOMDV)Hassan, Khondekar Lutful; Mandal, Jyotsna KumarJSIR Vol.79(04) [April 2020]281-284
Computation of Time-dependent Probabilities of Vesicle Release and Binding of Neurotransmitters of Postsynaptic NeuronPanda, Sashmita; Panda, GanapatiJSIR Vol.79(04) [April 2020]302-305
Designing and Analysis of Wideband Antenna for 4G and 5G ApplicationsSingh, Harbinder; Sohi, Balwinder Singh; Gupta, AmitJSIR Vol.79(04) [April 2020]297–301
Anti-proliferate Activity and 5α-reductase Inhibitors of Chiral Macrocyclic (Nα-di-nicotinoyl)[L-phenylalaninyl-L-leucinyl]Pentapeptide Candidates Against LNCaP and PC-3 Prostate Cancer Cell LinesAlanazi, M M; Amr, M A E; Naglah, A M; Mageid, R E Abdel; Elsayed, E AJSIR Vol.79(01) [January 2020]60-65
In-Vitro Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Microbial Properties of Ethanolic Extract of Cydonia Oblonga SeedsShaida, Bushra; Singh, N B; Singh, KarunaJSIR Vol.79(01) [January 2020]49-52