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Microstructure and glass transition temperature determination of styrene-methyl acrylate copolymers by 13C-NMR spectroscopyBrar, A S; SunitaIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]903-908
Investigation of Cr3+ substituted γ-Fe2O3 catalyst in its active formSengupta, A C; Kundu, M L; Maiti, G C; Sen, B; Ghosh, S K; Banerjee, P; Ganguli, S; Bhattacharya, MIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]909-914
Effect of alkali halide additives on the gamma radiolysis of thorium nitrateJoshi, (MIss) N G; Garg, ANIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]915-920
Conversion of methanol over metal salts of 12-molybdophosphoric acidEbeid, Fikry M; AIi, Laila I; Amin, Nabil H; Abd-AIla, Fawzia FIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]921-928
X-ray K-absorption spectral studies of some copper (II) mixed ligand complexes with glycine as primary ligandShrivastava, B D; Mishra, A; Joshi, S K; Mandloi, S NIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]929-936
Hydrazones derived by the condensation of 4-methoxybenzoyl hydrazide with salicylaldehyde, o-hydroxyacetophenone and diacetylmonoxime. As ligands for cobalt (II & III)Dey, Kamalendu; Mandal, Kripasindhu; Bandyopadhyay, DebasishIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]937-942
The stoichiometry and kinetics of oxidation of 1,4-benzenediol by diaquotetrakis( 2,2'-bipyridine)- μ-oxodiruthenium(III) cation in perchlorate mediumIyun, J Femi; Ayoko, G Adefikayo; Lawal, H MudaIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]943-946
Studies on electrode kinetics of schiff bases in aqueous and DMF mediaMadhava, AS; Ramachandraiah, G; Vyas, D NIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]947-950
Physicochemical investigation of the reactions of some organo-phosphine derivatives with cyanogen halidesAughsteen, Habib AIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]951-953
A net scale invariance behaviour in fractal scatteringChattaraj, P K; Nath, SomdattaIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]954-956
Hydrogen spillqver on a platinum/carbon fuel cell catalystReddy, B Mahipal; Srinivas, S T; Rao, P KantaIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]957-958
Solvation models in the reaction between benzyl bromide and s-triazole dictions of the reaction mechanisms have been obtained from such studies.Manikyamba, PIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]959-962
Synthesis and structural characterization of some organoboron complexes with nitrogen donor azomethinesSaxena, (Miss) Chitra; Fahmi, N; Singh, R VIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]963-965
Sulphato complexes of bi- and tri-valent rutheniumSarker, S C; Poddar, R KIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]966-969
Synthesis and spectral studies of Pt(II) complexes with 2,3-disubstituted quinazoline-(3H)-4-onesReddy, K Laxma; Prabhakar, B; Rao, P NageswaraIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]970-971
Studies on organomercury(II)-purine complexesSodhi, G S; Kaur, JIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]972-974
Kinetics of the reduction of hexachloroiridate (IV) by -methionine in aqueous solutionsAyoko, G Adefikayo; Iyun, J Femi; Ekubo, Allen TIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]975-977
Kinetics of nuclear chlorination of substituted phenyl acetates by trichloroisocyanuric acidPanda, H P; Sahoo, K KIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]978-980
Kinetic studies on the solvent extraction of iron(m) from aqueous solution with I-phenyl- 3-methyl-4- (p-nitrobenzoyl)pyrazol- 5-one dissolved in chloroform: Rate of forward extractionOgwuegbu, M O C; Oforka, N C; Spiff, A IIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]981-983
Extractive and spectrophotometric determination of Co(II) at trace levels using isonitroso-4-methyl-2-pentanoneMore, P S; Sawant, A DIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]984-985
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20