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Synthesis and characterization of molecular sieves with VFI topology and their transformation to AIPO4-8Prasad, S; Balakrishnan, IIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]737-741
Substituted AIPO4-11 molecular sieves-SAPO-11 and CoAPO-11: Synthesis, acidity and alkylation 'of toluene with methanolDas, J; Lohokare, S P; Chakrabarty, D KIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]742-746
Base catalysed hydrolysis of β2-cis-(chloro)(benzimidazole)(trienthylenetetramine)cobalt(III)cation: A comparison of the reactivities of the benzimidazole and benzimidazolato species of the complexDash, Anadi C; Nanda, Rabindra K; Acharya, Achyuta NIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]747-751
Kinetics of oxidation of diglycine by bromamine- B in perchloric acid MediumIyengar, T Asha; Mahadevappa, D SIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]752-755
Physicochemical studies on zinc dicaprylateMehrotra, K N; Singh, Suman; Kumar, AnilIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]756-759
Heterobinuclear complex formation by iminodiacetic acid and -2,3-diaminopropionic acid with some transition metal ions - Part I-IJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]760-763
Binary Complexes in solution of schiff base ligands, o-hydroxynaphthalidene benzoyl and salicyloyl hydrazone with thorium, uranyl and vanadyl ions and ternary complexes of thorium with aminopolycarboxylic acids as primary ligandsMaleque, Abdul; Chaudhury, A KIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]764-770
Synthesis, characterisation and reactivity of Cu(II) amine complexes supported on an inorganic ion exchanger, zirconium molybdateShivanekar, Anjali; Chudasama, UmaIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]771-777
Alternating copolymerization of zinc acrylate with styrene initiated by As2S3-styrene complexAgrawal, B P; Srivastava, A KIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]778-781
Conductance behavior of copper(II) perchlorate in water-DMSO and water-pyridine mixturesSreekumar, K; Rajendran, G; Kalidas, CIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]782-784
Olefin epoxidation using iron (III) schiff base complexes as catalystAgarwal, D D; Jain, R; Rastogi, R; Agarwal, VinitaIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]785-787
Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation by metal ions: Part XV1―Oxidation of glyoxalate ion by alkaline Osmium tetroxideVishnoi, Minakshi; Prakash, Aditya; Mehrotra, Raj NIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]788-793
Electrochemical oxidation of 2-amino-benzimidazole at pyrolytic graphite electrodeGoyal, N; Srivastava, Amit KIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]794-796
Studies on β-diketonate and β-diketoester derivatives of tri- and tetra-organoantimony (V)Singhal, Kiran; Aggarwal, Ashvin K; Raj, PremIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]797-799
Synthesis and characterization of halogenocobalt(III) complexes of 3,8-dimethyl-5,6-benzo-4,7-diazadeca-3,7-diene-2,9-dione dioxime with substitute pyridinesDayalan, A; Vijayaragavan, V RIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]800-802
Use of zirconium tungstate in acid catalysis: Some esterification reactionsPatel, Pramod; Shivanekar, Anjali; Chudasama, UmaIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]803-805
Synthesized and characterization of oxomolybdenum(V) complex with dithiooxamideLakshmanan, Vasanthi; Nagaraja, K.S.; Udupa, M RIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]806-807
Separation of thorium from radioactive liquid waste by OXAL processSinha, P K; Lal, K B; Amalraj, R V; Krishnasamy, VIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]808-810
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18