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Contrasting isomer stabilities of silaboranes and carboranes : Si2B3H5 and C2B3H5 isomersJemmis, Eluvathingal D; Subramanian, GIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]645-646
Cyclic conjugation in benzo-annelated polyacenesGutman, Ivan; Petrovic, VesnaIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]647-650
Hot atom chemistry in oxyanion targets: Part V―Pre-activation heat treatment study of recoil 56Mn in permanganatesMishra, Shuddhodan P; Singh, (Miss) JyotiIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]651-657
Effect of 3-fluoro-4-cyano substituted benzoates in the formation of induced smectic phases with N-[4-ethoxybenzylidene]-4'-n-butylanilineSharma, N K; Charak, Anila; Ostereicher, FIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]658-660
Chemical processing of hexagonal Sr-ferrite: Part II-Effect of mode of washing and filtration on the magnetic parametersBagul, A G; Deshpande, C E; Shrotri, J J; Kulkarni, S D; Nigam, Ila; Date, S KIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]661-665
Synthesis and EPR of oligomeric manganese(II) complexes of a tripodal ligand tris(2-benzimidazolyl methyl)amine and its N-ethyl derivativePandey, H N; Mathur, PavanIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]666-672
Complexation of crosslinked polyacrylamide-supported aminoligands with Cu(II): Effect of crosslinking on complexation kineticsMathew, Beena; Madhusudanan, P M; Pillai, V N RajasekharanIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]673-677
Kinetics and mechanism of complex formation between O-bonded(glycinato)pentaamminecobalt(III) and (glycinato)tetraethylenepentaminecobalt(III) ions with nickel(II) in aqueous mediumDas, Nigamananda; Dash, Anadi CIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]678-682
Surface-mediated autoxidation of aqueous SO2 in ceramic powder suspensionsBhargava, Rachna; Rani, Ashu; Gupta, K SIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]683-687
Kinetic and mechanistic studies on substitution reaction of aqua-ligands from cis-diaqua-bis[2-(m-tolylazo)-pyridine]ruthenium(II) ion with 2,2' -bipyridine in aqueous mediumMahanti, Bibekananda; De, G SIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]688-692
Electrochemical oxidation of 5, 6-dihydroxytryptamine at solid electrodesGoyal, R NIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]693-698
σ-Bonded organometallics of iron and their facile conversion into π complexesAhmed, I; Ahmad, J U; Karim, M M; Sarder, S I; Ullah, S SIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]699-701
Monopyridineiodine(I) chloride in ethanol as a new iodinating reagent for metal β-diketones and ketoneiminesRamalingam, S K; Jeyasubramanian, K; Abdulsamath, SIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]702-703
1,3-Bis(salicylidineamino)thiourea dehydrate as an analytical reagent for the direct spectrophotometric determination of Co(II) in natural samplesPrabhakar, L D; Umarani, C; Thanikachalam, V; Palanivelu, C BIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]704-705
Correlation analysis of reactivity in the oxidation of substituted mandelic acids by pyridinium fluorochromateAsopa, Rachna; Bhatt, Pallavi; Banerji, Kalyan KIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]706-709
Influence of sodium lauryl sulfate micelles on the oxidation of malonic acid by chromic acidPanigrahi, G P; Mishra, S KIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]710-713
Kinetics and mechanism of the substitution of ethylenediaminetetraacetato-ruthenate(III) with cyanide in aqueous solutionKhan, M M Taqui; Chatterjee, Debabrata; Bajaj, H C; Bhatt, K N; Kumar, S SanalIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]714-715
A study on ion-solvent interactions of some tetra-alkyl and multicharged electrolytes in water at different temperaturesParmar, M L; Rao, Ch V Nageshwara; Bhardwaj, S KIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]716-720
Excess molar volumes of binary mixtures containing nitrotoluene at 308.15 KSharma, V K; Maken, SanjeevIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]721-722
Kinetics of oxidation of nitrite by peroxomonosulphateSharma, Madhu; Prasad, D S N; Gupta, K SIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]723-725
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24