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Effect of Types of Fluids on Fluid Flow Characteristics in Bifurcated Vessel using CFD SimulationDewang, Yogesh; Panthi, S KAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]25-28
Some Integrals Involving Multivariable H – Functions & M- SeriesGupta, Priyanka; Pandey, NeelamAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]38-40
Basic MATLAB simulation of ion propulsion rocket by chlorine as propellant via negative ion pair thrustingRaj, A KanniAIR Vol.01(2) [June 2019]115-119
Study on stress-strain constitutive relationship of super-long-age plastic concrete under triaxial compressionHu, Liangming; Zhu, Junfu; Jia, Xin; Zhang, Changhui; Gao, DanyingAIR Vol.01(2) [June 2019]135-142
Demonstration of household water filter device for Arsenic removal in the Gazipur district of U. P. state, IndiaTomar, Akshay Singh; Arya, Priyanka; Kumar, Surender; Singh, Archana; Singh, I BAIR Vol.01(2) [June 2019]112-114
Dielectric relaxation of 1-nitropropane-ethanol mixtures using pico second time domain technique from 10 MHz to 50 GHzShinde, R V; Deshmukh, A R; Kumbharkhane, A CAIR Vol.01(2) [June 2019]106-111
Performance analysis of single slope solar still using sensible heat storage materialBalaji, R; Aravindh, V; Baburangan, J; Koushik, S; Mahendran, PAIR Vol.01(2) [June 2019]120-127
Graphene quantum dots (GQDs) from organic acidsNaik, Mude Jaya Prakash; Mandal, Peetam; Debbarma, Jhuma; Saha, MitaliAIR Vol.01(2) [June 2019]128-134
Hydrogen induced resistance and optical transmittance of pulsed laser deposited Pd/Mg thin filmsGautam, Yogendra K; Kumar, Ashwani; Ambedkar, Anit K; Kumar, Vipin; Singh, Beer PalAIR Vol.01(2) [June 2019]96-100
Template free synthesis of PbS nanoparticles by sol-gel facile method under IR radiation at room temperatureRavikant; Gaur, Jyotshana; Sharma, Sanjeev K; Singh, Beer PalAIR Vol.01(2) [June 2019]101-105