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Synthesis and Characterization of MnFe2O4 / Graphene / Epoxy NanocompositesPawar, Hariom; Kumar, Dinesh; Rathore, Deepshikha; Dwivedi, U KAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]75-77
Investigations of Gold-Graphene Nanocomposite for ORR in Aqueous ElectrolytesKumar, Satendra; Kumar, Surender; Sathish, N; Singh, I B; Singh, Archana; Sanghi, S KAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]62-65
Hysteresis Loop Effect on Coronal Index and Solar Flare Index During Solar Cycles 22 and 23Singh, Prithvi Raj; Pathak, D K; Saxena, A K; Tiwari, C MAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]83-85
Facile Synthesis of Manganese Oxyhydroxide (MnOOH) Nanowires for the Capacitors ApplicationArya, Priyanka; Singh, Archana; Singh, I BAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]58-61
Microstructure and Microhardness Study of Aluminium Graphene Composite Made by Laser Additive ManufacturingMandal, A.; Tiwari, J. K.; Sathish, N; Paul, C. P.; Mishra, S. K.; Venket, Ch A N; Singh, A K; Hashmi, S A RAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]66-74
Effect of Microstructure on Roll-Ability and Shape Memory Effect in Cu-Based Shape Memory AlloysDasgupta, Rupa; Pandey, Abhishek; Hussain, Shahadat; Jain, Ashish Kumar; Ansari, Ayub; Sampath, VAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]29-37
Structural, Optical, Photoluminescence and Electroluminescence Properties of Small ZnO Nanocrystals for Optoelectronic Device ApplicationsSingh, Anju; Vishwakarma, H LAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]11-20
Effect of Space Holder Size on Microstructure, Deformation and Corrosion Response of Ti4Al4Co (wt%) Alloy FoamSingh, Pradeep; Abhash, Amit; Nair, Prashant; Khare, Anup; Singh, I B; Mondal, D PAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]41-47
Development of Nano SiO2 Particles Dispersed Shape Memory Epoxy CompositesPatel, Krishan Kumar; Purohit, Rajesh; Hashmi, S A R; Gupta, Ritesh Kumar; Dwivedi, Sandeep KumarAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]21-24
Synthesis and Surface Studies of CdS / PVK NanocompositesNagwanshi, Durgesh Nandini; Nigam, RuchiAIR Vol.01(1) [March 2019]7-10