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Photoluminescence study of Sr3Y1-X(BO3)3:xTb3+ green emitting phosphorHargunani, S P; Palaspagar, R S; Sonekar, R P; Omanwar, S KAIR Vol.02(2) [June 2020]143-147
Formulation of biocomposite of ultrasonication mediated cellulose and lignin nanofibers for biomedical applicationsVibha, Kumari; Negi, SangeetaAIR Vol.02(2) [June 2020]135-142
CFD-subset-FVM-based MATLAB-simulation of heat transfer in high grade cold storage augmenting cryogenic energy storage system by circulating natural gas as working fluidRaj, A KanniAIR Vol.02(2) [June 2020]148-151
Pollution Control: A brief review of conventional and nano technological approachesSrivastava, VanditaAIR Vol.02(1) [March 2020]120-128
Density functional theory calculations of electronic properties and bioactivity of natural macromolecule N-β-D-Glucopyranosyl Vincosamide (C32H40N2O14) showing activity against the diabetic mellitus and prediction of its derivativeMishra, Ashok Kumar; Gupta, VimleshAIR Vol.02(1) [March 2020]61-79
Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles from Citrus medica peels and determination of its antioxidant activitySati, S C; Sumit; Bartwal, Ankit S; Agarwal, Alok KumarAIR Vol.02(1) [March 2020]56-60
Metal nanoparticles prepared by using plant extracts as reducing agents: A reviewRawat, Pooja; Nigam, Anju; Kala, ShubhraAIR Vol.02(1) [March 2020]80-85
Online-growth measurements on the generation of metal nanoaerosol and their offline structural propertiesKala, Shubhra; Mehta, B R; Kruis, F EAIR Vol.02(1) [March 2020]93-98
Study of ferroelectric phase transition and dielectric properties of one dimensional hydrogen bonded crystalsRawat, Aanchal; Upadhyay, Trilok ChandraAIR Vol.02(1) [March 2020]114-119
Application of nanomaterials in automobile industryManu, Abhas; Gupta, Manoj KumarAIR Vol.02(1) [March 2020]107-113