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Special Issue on Light-induced Chemistry of Organic and Biomolecules – Recent Advances

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AIEgens: Rockstars at the age of AdolescenceGoel, Atul; Jha, Ajay KIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]137-139
Visible light-mediated amidation of aryl diazonium salts with nitriles – A novel photo-Ritter type reactionSingh, Anil K; Yadav, Vinod K; Yadav, L D SIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]140-146
Delivery of a bioactive photosensitizer to natural DNA using γ-cyclodextrin as carrierKundu, Pronab; Mondal, Tirtha; Das, Sinjan; Chattopadhyay, NitinIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]147-156
Visible light driven photocatalytic degradation of brilliant green dye using graphene oxide/copper oxide binary compositeBanu, Rukhsar; Salvi, Nutan; Ameta, Chetna; Ameta, Rakshit; Punjabi, Pinki BIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]157-166
Solvent modulated optical tuning for discrimination of Hg2+, Zn2+ and Cu2+ ions by a coumarin-functionalized azine receptorPadhan, Subrata Kumar; Rana, Punam; Murmu, Narayan; Swain, Biswa Ranjan; Sahu, Satya NarayanIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]167-182
Visible light photoredox catalyzed one pot Stadler–Ziegler reaction of heteroaryl amines with heteroaryl thiols at room temperature: An efficient synthesis of diheteroaryl sulphidesPanja, Subir; Sahu, Puneshwar; Ranu, Brindaban CIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]183-191
A new pyrrolyl-pyranone based AIEgen with solution solid dual emissive propertyJha, Ajay Kumar; Purohit, Deepak; Sharma, Chandra Prakash; Gupta, Neeraj Mohan; Rawat, Kundan Singh; Goel, AtulIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]192-199
Solvent directed self-assembly of naphthalenediimide-tryptophan-glutamate conjugatesGoskulwad, Santosh P; More, Vishal G.; La, Duong Duc; Bhosale, Rajesh S; Puyad, Avinash L; Bhosale, Sidhanath V; Bhosale, Sheshanath VIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]200-208
Experimental and theoretical investigations on the photo-oxidation reaction of OH radicals with 2,3-dimethyl-1,3-butadiene in gas phaseVijayakumar, S; Rajakumar, BIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]209-218
An overview on biomolecular caging and photocleavable moleculesHota, Prasanta KumarIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]219-226
Exploring flavonoid-DNA interactions via photoinduced proton transfer and two color fluorescence studies: Perspectives and emerging frontiersSengupta, Pradeep KIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]227-237
Synthesis and studies of phenothiazine based AIE fluorogensManav, Neha; Verma, Vani; Pandey, Vijayalakshmi; Rather, Hilal; Vasita, Rajesh; Gupta, ItiIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]238-246
Stilbene stilbene shining bright: α-Cyanostilbenes as functional organic materialsKumari, Beena; Kanvah, SriramIJC-B Vol.58B(02) [February 2019]247-257
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13