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Synthesis and antimicrobial importance of oxazine bearing pyridine scaffoldDesai, N C; Bhatt, N B; Joshi, Surbhi BIJC-B Vol.58B(04) [April 2019]527-540
A green synthesis of amino Schiff bases using mango water as a natural catalyst under hand grinding techniquePal, RammohanIJC-B Vol.58B(04) [April 2019]522-526
Synthesis of a novel 2-vinyl indoleSuhana, Harindran; Idris, Muhammad AliyuIJC-B Vol.58B(03) [March 2019]416-419
Synthesis, QSRT studies and antibacterial activity of 4-aryl-3-chloro-1-(3,5-dimethyl-isoxazol-4-yl)-azetidin-2-onesMarri, Srinivas; Kakkerla, Ramu; Krishna, M P S MuraliIJC-B Vol.58B(03) [March 2019]381-386
In silico study for the prediction of multiple pharmacological activities of novel hydrazone derivativesRohane, Sachin H; Makwana, Ashlesha GIJC-B Vol.58B(03) [March 2019]387-402
Facile enantiospecific syntheses of oxabicyclo[4.4.0]decene-diones from carvone via mild Lewis acid mediated lactonizationsSrikrishna, Adusumilli; Satyanarayana, GeduIJC-B Vol.58B(03) [March 2019]362-370
Synthesis of (3-chloro-1-phenylsulfonylindol-2-ylmethyl) methylamineSuhana, Harindran; Labaran, MushabuIJC-B Vol.58B(03) [March 2019]420-422
Enantiospecific syntheses of oxacyclodecanes from carvone via mild Lewis acid mediated etherifcationSrikrishna, Adusumilli; Satyanarayana, GeduIJC-B Vol.58B(03) [March 2019]353-361
Synthesis of new 4-substitued-1-(4-amino phenyl)-5,6-dihydropyridine-2(1H)-one sulfonamide conjugates and evaluation of their anti-microbial activityDas, Tonmoy Chitta; Quadri, Syed Aziz Imam; Farooqui, MazaharIJC-B Vol.58B(03) [March 2019]371-380
Design of novel JNK1 inhibitors using molecular modeling technique: An in silico approachNagpal, Ashima; Paliwal, SarveshIJC-B Vol.58B(03) [March 2019]403-415