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Quasi Switched Capacitor based integrated Boost Series Parallel Fly-back Converter for energy Storage ApplicationsKumar, S L V Sravan; Reddy, N R Sankara; Kumar, M VijayJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]711-715
Performance of frame with Viscoelastic Dampers as an Alternative to Coupled Shear WallKamatchi, P; Deepiya, R; Kumar, K SJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]706-710
Bioactive Compounds characterization and Antibacterial Potentials of Actinomycetes isolated from Rhizospheric soilKumari, Nalinee; Menghani, Ekta; Mithal, RekhaJSIR Vol.78(11) [November 2019]793-798
Predicting Systemic Banking Crises using Extreme Gradient BoostingAlaminos, D; Fernández-Gámez, M A; Santos, José António C; Campos-Soria, J AJSIR Vol.78(09) [September 2019]571-575
Strategic alliance with Frenemy in Electric Vehicle Industry for CommercializationLim, Dong-Hyun; Sawng, Yeong-whaJSIR Vol.78(09) [September 2019]576-581
From the Prospective of Ergonomics: Estimating Overall Stressors and Task Demands in the Construction Sites in Saudi Arabia Using an Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)Basahel, A MJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]651-658
Design, Development and Evaluation of Portable Washer for Lotus RhizomesHussain, S Z; Naseer, S; Farooq, M; Mir, U Mohammad; ul Mumtaz, AjazJSIR Vol.78(09) [September 2019]629-633
Does R&D Intensity and Innovative Activities drive Indian Pharmaceutical Exports?Banerji, A; Suri, F KJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]664-666
Azadi Controller Influentially Succeeds in the Eminent Plant AutomationsAzadi, SassanJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]667-670
Development of ANN Based Improved Model of Amplitude Response in Suppression State of Axonal MemoryPanda, SJSIR Vol.78(10) [October 2019]659-663