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Therapeutics-NPR Vol.8(3) [May-June 2009]282-292
Fuel-NPR Vol.8(3) [May-June 2009]247-252
Vegetables-NPR Vol.8(3) [May-June 2009]292-296
Fruit-NPR Vol.8(3) [May-June 2009]241-247
Beverage-NPR Vol.8(3) [May-June 2009]214-219
Poultry-NPR Vol.8(3) [May-June 2009]267-271
Food-NPR Vol.8(3) [May-June 2009]233-241
Dye-NPR Vol.8(3) [May-June 2009]220-223
Feed/Fodder-NPR Vol.8(3) [May-June 2009]223-228
Spices-NPR Vol.8(3) [May-June 2009]276-281