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Improvement in dyeing, electro resistivity, and anti-microbial properties of acrylic fibresBaseri, SomayehIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]143-152
Effect of yarn fineness and various knitting parameters on ultraviolet resistance of knitted fabricsBanerjee, Debamalya; Mal, Prithwiraj; Ghosh, Anindya; Majumdar, AbhijitIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]153-157
Predicting behavior of needled geotextile materials made of recycled polyester fibres up to yield pointTrajković, Dušan; Stepanović, Jovan; Stojiljković, Dragan; Đorđić, DraganIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]158-163
Influence of ring frame process parameters on yarn structure and fabric assistanceIshtiaque, Saiyed M; Ghosh, Dipanjan; Yadav, Vijay KIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]164-172
Finite element simulation of pressing fabric switch at low speedWang, Zhangang; Zhao, Jun; Zhang, MeilingIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]173-178
Dimensional behavior of interlock knitted cotton fabricsRoy, K; Varshney, R; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]179-185
Modelling and experimental investigation of mechanical performances of braided polyamide suturesDebbabi, Faten; Abdessalem, Saber BenIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]186-193
Effect of loading behaviour on compressional property of needle-punched nonwoven fabricSengupta, SurajitIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]194-202
Study of cyclic bursting loading on needle-punched nonwovens: Part II – Change in air permeability and compression behaviorKumar, Bipin; Das, Apurba; Sharma, Atul; Krishnasamy, Jagatheesan; Alagirusamy, RIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]203-208
Development of brightness on handmade woolen carpetsMalik, R K; Goswami, K KIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]209-216
Effect of coagulation time, number of coagulation bath and ingredients on properties of continuous graphene oxide fibreUcar, Nuray; Gokceli, Gokcen; Yuksek, Ilkay Ozsev; Onen, Aysen; Karatepe, NilgunIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]217-223
Laccase-mediated dye-free coloration of wool fabricJia, Weini; Wang, Qiang; Fan, Xuerong; Dong, Aixue; Yu, Yuanyuan; Wang, Ping; Yuan, JiugangIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]224-230
Use of MS paint for ‘weave and colour pattern’ designingPanneerselvam, R GIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]231-236
Predictive algorithm for run-in value of warp knitting based on weave matrixZhang, Jisheng; Jiang, Gaoming; Cong, Honglian; Ma, Pibo; Wu, ZhimingIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]237-241
Ultraviolet protection and antibacterial properties of silk fabric dyed with Cinnamomum camphora plant leaf extractJiang, Huiyu; Khan, Asfandyar; Yao, Jinbo; Hussain, Muhammad TahirIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]242-246
Effect of backed yarn characteristics on two-thread fleece knitted fabric propertiesFouda, Abd ElmonemIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]247-251
Impact of biaxial square woven jute fabric reinforcement on mechanical performance of polyester-based compositesSezgin, Hande; Enis, Ipek Yalcin; Berkalp, Omer BerkIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]252-256
Automatic pattern separation of jacquard warp-knitted fabric by supervised multi-scale Markov modelTong, Youcheng; Zhang, YangIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]257-261
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18