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Special issue: Dielectric Relaxation and Spectroscopic Techniques


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FTIR spectral studies and dielectric relaxation studies on binary solutions of ethyl acetate with bromobenzeneKarthick, N K; Arivazhagan, G; Kannan, P P; Mahendraprabu, AIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]261-264
Vibrational spectra for closoborate and metal doped closoborate using ab initio methodKonda, Ravinder; Chaudhari, AjayIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]265-268
Dielectric relaxation behaviour of triethylene glycol [TEG]+water mixture as a function of composition and temperature using TDR techniqueHudge, P G; Pawar, R N; Watode, B D; Kumbharkhane, A CIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]269-275
Thermo acoustic and optical properties of aqueous polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP-40) using spectroscopic techniquesWananje, Kunal H; Kabara, Komal B; Sonsale, Rahul P; Kanshette, Mahesh S; Sarode, Arvind VIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]276-281
Study of dielectric relaxation and hydrogen bonding interaction in binary mixtures of methoxy polyethylene glycol and waterMathpati, R N; Shinde, S B; Rathod, D G; Kanse, K S; Joshi, Y SIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]282-287
Dielectric dispersion and thermodynamical effect of aqueous morpholine by using picosecond TDRSenthilkumar, P; Ganesh, T; Vinoth, K; Sylvester, M Maria; Karunakaran, D J S AnandIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]288-293
Temperature of the disc integrated sunlight from the intensity measurements of rotational lines of the bands of A-X system of CH moleculeBehere, Supriya; Deshmukh, Bhagawan; Patil, Sunil; Behere, S HIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]294-300
Dielectric dispersion study of glycol ethers and their binary mixtures with waterShinde, J B; Rander, D N; Jadhav, S B; Sabnis, S M; Joshi, Y S; Kanse, K SIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]301-306
Relaxation dynamics in crab hemolymph protein: A biophysical approach through dielectric spectroscopyKabara, K; Wananje, K; Sonsale, R; Padghane, S; Sarode, AIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]307-310
Microwave spectroscopy modelling for geophysical parameter retrieval using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) datasetShaikh, M A; Anpat, S M; Dongare, A K; Khirade, P W; Sayyad, S BIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]311-314
Time domain dielectric spectroscopic studies of interaction of rat tail tendon collagen with potassium oleate and cetylpyridinium chloride in aqueous acetate buffer solutionGopalakrishnan, D; Sampathkumar, RIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]315-320
Dielectric relaxation studies in water mixtures of dipropylene glycol using a time domain reflectometry techniqueChalikwar, P A; Pathan, A W; Deshmukh, A R; Lokhande, M P; Kumbharkhane, A CIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]321-326
Angle tunable trapped mode in a THz metamaterialSangala, Bagvanth Reddy; Surdi, Harshad; Deshmukh, Prathmesh; Rana, Goutam; Achanta, Venu Gopal; Prabhu, S SIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]327-330
Spectroscopic analysis of sulphur dioxide adsorbed C2H4Ti complex: A first principles studyIngale, Nilesh; Chaudhari, AjayIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]331-334
Dynamics and interactions in aqueous polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP K-30): An approach using dielectric relaxation spectroscopySarode, Arvind V; Kumbharkhane, Ashok C; Mehrotra, Suresh CIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]335-340
Spectroscopic characterization of metal decorated benzene and boron/nitrogen substituted benzeneTavhare, Priyanka; Chaudhari, AjayIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]341-345
Dielectric relaxation and hydrogen bonding interaction of solvents using time domain reflectometry technique from 10 MHz to 50 GHzDeshmukh, A R; Shinde, R V; Ingole, S A; Pathan, A W; Lokhande, M P; Sarode, A V; Kumbharkhane, A CIJPAP Vol.56(04) [April 2018]346-352
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17