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pH-induced reversible molecular self-assembly of perylene based imidazolate ester: a probable marker for biological speciesSaba, N; Swain, J; Dey, RK; Padhy, AKIJBB Vol.55(1) [February 2018]7-11
Effect of water stress on antioxidative enzymes and glycine betaine content in drought tolerant and drought susceptible cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) genotypesPrajapat, Pravin; Singh, Diwakar; Tripathi, Sonal; Patel, Khushbu; Abbas, Haidar; Patel, AnkitIJBB Vol.55(3) [June 2018]198-204
N-Arylhydroxamic acids as a drug like molecule: A motif of binding mode with calf thymus DNAVerma, Bharati; Thakur, Yamini; Tripathi, Mamta; Pardhi, Manish; Khilari, Rubi; Pande, RamaIJBB Vol.55(3) [June 2018]215-221
Radioprotective, antioxidant and antitumor efficacy of Annona muricata L. leaf extractMansour, Heba H; Elkady, Ahmed A; Elrefaei, Amal H; Hafez, Hafez FIJBB Vol.55(3) [June 2018]205-214
Isolation and purification of protease from Labeo rohita visceraGeethanjali, S.; Subash, AnithaIJBB Vol.55(3) [June 2018]222-226
Purification and characterization of a gelatinolytic serine protease from the seeds of ash gourd Benincasa hispida (Thunb.) Cogn.Das, Niloy; Maity, Sanhita; Chakraborty, Jishnu; Pal, Sampa; Sardar, Subrata; Halder, Umesh ChandraIJBB Vol.55(2) [April 2018]77-87
Neuroprotective effects of Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa against cadmium toxicity by reducing oxidative stress and maintaining the histoarchitecture of neural tissue in BALB/c miceSeth, Era; Kaushal, Surbhi; Ahsan, Aitizaz Ul; Sharma, Vijay Lakshmi; Chopra, ManiIJBB Vol.55(2) [April 2018]95-104
Modulation of proline metabolism under drought and salt stress conditions in wheat seedlingsKaur, G; Asthir, B; Bains, NSIJBB Vol.55(2) [April 2018]114-124
Functional properties of protein hydrolysates from fresh water mussel Lamellidens marginalis (Lam.)Haldar, Ankhi; Das, Madhushrita; Chatterjee, Roshni; Dey, Tanmoy Kumar; Dhar, Pubali; Chakrabarti, JanaIJBB Vol.55(2) [April 2018]105-113
Evaluation of liquid artificial larval diets for mass rearing of Bactrocera cucurbitae (Coq.)Panduranga, GS; Sharma, K; Sharma, RKIJBB Vol.55(2) [April 2018]125-131